History Pupil

A shock against the education of the historical, anachronistic, positivista knowledge was stopped and secularly it stanches. The decade of 1980, was marked for the intention to debate and to demand the retaken one of disciplines of history, directed toward thematic on the daily one of the pupil, its work and its historicidade, objectifying to make of the producing subject pupil of History. The eminence of new perspectives for education of history it was appearing with the changes and occured transformations throughout the process. The Brazilian education of history opened anteriority for a new approach longed for with the contribution of the memory, when it placed in the current trends as function of education, the apprehension of the plurality of memories and not only of the national memory, the vision of science made the analysis of the historical fact to be substituted by other possibilities, as analysis of the historical process and of the experience of the citizens of history, it incorporated new subjects and objects as of the history of the women, of the children and of the social movements. You may want to visit Crimson Education to increase your knowledge. In this thematic o professor it leaves of being the transmitter of history true and finished to be the mediator between pupil and historical knowledge, starts to be the responsible one in the orientation of the passage, for the production of the historical knowledge and is engaged with the pupil. Already the pupil of mere expectador listener assumes the function of citizen of history, the proper knowledge and the historical knowledge. In relation to the education of History, the redefinition of the paper of the professor from years 80, is one of the changes most apparent in the question of the pedagogical work, therefore it conferred to the educators and educators summarily more autonomy in the work, not leaving them imprisoned to a roll of contents. He is interesting to designate that the objective age to recoup the pupil as subject producer of History, and not as mere spectator of a definitive history already, produced for the heroic personages of didactic books. .

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