GRU Pressure

Gas control points or installation (EMG GRU) – special technological equipment and systems of gas distribution devices in the system of industrial and municipal housing supply. Serve to reduce inlet gas pressure after gas power station and its support for a given constant value, followed by submission to consumers. The main components of fracture: 1) gas pressure regulator, 2) filter for removal of solids, 3) pressure relief valves, 4) instrumentation, 5) meters of gas passing. Depending on the placement of equipment distinguish types of EMG: cabinet gas control points (GRPSH, RPn). The equipment is housed in a compact GRPSH metal cabinet and is intended to reduce the gas pressure with high or medium to the required parameters, and automatic support for the outlet pressure regardless of drops the input gas pressure and flow. In a system for cleaning GRPSH gas supply from various admixtures in accordance with the requirements of GOST, and to automatically adjust the gas supply in case of emergency increase or decrease pressure. GRPSH widely used as a stand-alone gas control points in the gas supply different sizes of settlements, industrial, agricultural, mlm municipal facilities.

With domestic gas supplies are used with a two-stage system GRPSH reduction. Gas control block points (GPB, SGS). The equipment is mounted in one or more containers (Blocks). Gas control plant (GRU, PG). The equipment is mounted on the frame and most often placed in the room, where the gas-powered plant (boiler, industrial furnace, etc.). The market offers a variety of SRC construction: houses, with two lines of reduction, with one line of reduction + bayzapas, with primary and backup lines, with two lines and two others bayzapasami and EMG may be a serial or parallel installation of controls, different configurations of gas metering, different placement of the entrance and exit, with one or two outlets, etc. When choosing a type of fracture are also important operating parameters gas pressure regulator (pressure at the inlet and outlet, the bandwidth), security and reliability in adverse environmental conditions (eg, at low and high temperatures), the protection system of various unusual situations. Today's manufacturers offer additional instrumentation for precision gas flow, as well as designs and manufactures gas control installation, based on the individual customer requirements.

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