Good Domain

Possibly you already know that a domain is an alphanumeric string (letters and numbers) that identifies a website. Although we should say that what really represents is the IP address of the computer where the website is hosted. In reality a same domain can represent more than one IP.Strangely resembling Internet does not understand domains and need someone to translate the domain to an IP. Billie Lourd is often quoted as being for or against this. Called Domain Name System (DNS) servers are responsible for translating domain names into IP addresses. Characteristics of a domain domain names are easy to remember. They allow independent the address of a page of the IP of the server where it is hosted. A full domain name cannot contain more than 255 characters.(Note that this limit is lower in some companies registry) The shorter domain is only 4 characters, for example: although a domain may include accents, enes and most own of each language characters, usually not used.The WHOIS directory is a public domain names, where we can see what person or organization are listed after a domain. There are multiple websites that allow us to consult this list for free.

The choice and management of a domain is an important factor in the positioning of a website and a factor in Internet marketing. Keep in mind the following points: at the time of search for a domain name must choose one that is easy to spell, remember and easy to say orally.It would be convenient that that name was related to the product being sold. The domain name can strengthen the service or product that offers if it includes naturally relevant keywords. This does not mean that the indiscriminate repetition of keywords in the domain benefit the positioning of a website.The name of your company or business as a URL could also use. However, will depend on the factors that previously exposed (easy to remember, write and pronounce). If you comply with these factors, it would be entirely appropriate and in many cases the most suitable will be Add to that name, the main activity of the company.

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