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Two of the most popular question the last 20 years, a new market in Russia: where to get the money? "And" what to do with them? ". The funny thing, but for this rather long time period, most Russians responses to them have not found. In fact: first, we are working on the wear, performing miracles of ingenuity and resourcefulness, earn, save, extract a certain number of the money supply. But if we take a breath, as an entirely remarkable economy of our country is literally beats us hands. All sorts of "Black Tuesday" are replaced by a delay of many months of salaries and pensions, for defaulting should be inflation, rampant price growth replaces cathartic (In all senses of the word) the economic crisis. I'm not talking about all sorts of tricks banks, investment funds, etc. Egg pod does not help, dollars and euros are lying, giving credit, seems ready to squeeze all the juice out of you (as to its issue, and after), the state Oh, this state! But since you want someone to believe. Here's to both with a good friend or neighbor: that you trusted him and that he will not cheat.

I think, can not be. However, as Practice shows that there is no rule without exceptions. On the non-profit partnership "National association of credit cooperatives and credit kooperitive" National Finance "for a long time nobody knew anything. In any case, the Engel's district area, the Saratov region. And this uncertainty is understandable. The thing is that its member credit and consumer cooperatives (CPC) have what is called, not from above but from below.

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