Enor Paiano

8 However, it is basic not to use music as a simple doubtful resource, to semconhecer the context where it was servant, the objectives the one that it to buscoucumprir and why reason it must be used to deal with determinadotema. Further details can be found at Ben Horowitz, an internet resource. Napolitano landmarks still in the chamaateno for the importance to think the song as a whole. That is, to take emconta in the analysis the letter and music. According to it, ' ' In music, the texture or the rank of a voice, timbres and oequilbrio between the instruments, the course and the divisions rhythmic-meldicas, are structures that intervene with the conceptual direction, corporeal and emotional deuma letra' '. 9 In the specific case of the Tropicalismo, this attention in such a way in the letter how much namsica it is sufficiently important, a time that the tropicalistas believed that the aesthetic experience valley for same itself eela proper already is a revolutionary social instrument.

Being thus, asmelodias, rhythms, arrangements and even though the chosen, eramimbudos instruments of great a meaning for final result of the song. Mesclandoberimbaus and guitars, mixing elements of erudite, regional music, pop, amsica synthecized the idea of sincretismo of the movement. In relation to the tropicalistas letters, as Enor Paiano says, them ' ' they demand a work of decifrao' ' 10 and in them we can perceive dediferentes influences artistic movements, innumerable intertextuais references, criticizes amodelo of society, its characteristics and its context politician, economic esocial. For such, a knowledge is important on the history of music and aindamelhor would be, to have a theoretical knowledge and practical instrumental musical comedy/. But, let us return to the o Tropicalismo. In the decade of 1960, the Brazilian musical scene met emefervescncia, had the festivals of Brazilian popular music, programs sobremsica presented by singers and composers, who finished becoming-segrandes dolos of the television. Different styles existed that generated umacirrado debate on Brazilian popular music.

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