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The results of the field research will be carried through to confirm or not, with the professionals who work in the pertaining to school units the reach of the objectives, the validity of the hypotheses and of estimated elencados, the adequacy of the type of research, the used method, the systematics adopted for the collection, register and analysis of the research data. For the accomplishment of this research it is opted to a process of quantitative inquiry scientific (will be interviewed collaborating that is part of the pertaining to school environment, as: supervisors, directors, coordinators, professors, agents of support, pupils and parents of pupils), and qualitative (carried through from the speech of the collective citizen) that he will involve 4 stages (will be carried through the analysis of the ideas central offices of the individual speeches from the registers written on each item focused in the research; identification and analysis of the anchorage dues ones that, directly and indirectly, they make possible the study of vises and opinions that were collective? to follow the answers will be codified in graphs; it will be carried through comparative studies of the individual and collective speeches, searching correlation it enters the registers of each one of them, and in each question proposal; it will be evaluated the contributions of the results of the research to know, for the individual and collective speeches, if the considered objectives had been reached). According to Lefvre (2003), the representation is quantitative because such speech has a numerical expression (that it indicates how many depositions, of the total, had been necessary to compose each Speech of Sujeito Coletivo (DSC) e, therefore, trustworthiness statistics, considering itself the societies as collective of individuals; the qualitative one because in the research with the DSC each distinct collective opinion is presented under the form of a speech, that recoups the distinct contents and arguments that conform the given opinion in the social scale. . If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby.

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