Data Protection

When you apply the techniques that I’ll show here, you resguardaras valuable information that your company owns. The information is an invaluable asset that is necessary to the operation and direction of the company. I remember that fateful day when I wanted to turn on the computer and after sounding a beep! did nothing more. After trying several times I stated it broken. I took it to a technician in computers, the revised it and the next day he called me and told me: – the hard drive broke – Ups! And now what you can do? -Insert a new disk, reinstall all programs and with that will be solved.

– But what will happen to the data? How to retrieve all that information from so many years of work? -Restore it using the backup. -It is that I have no backup! -I’m sorry, there is nothing that can be done in this regard, the information on your hard disk is unrecoverable. At that moment I would have liked to go back in time to be able to make a copies of all that critical information for business management, data, customers, vendors, sales, purchases, files with texts, spreadsheets, photos, images, audios, videos, emails thinks about your company and if that’s what happens you tomorrow? Would you be prepared? Do you have your backup? Where got it? When did it you? Do you know how many things can happen to your data? -Break the rigid disc. -Ignite the Office. -That you stealing your computer. -Ruin compact discs or DVD by the action of weather, sunlight, moisture, scratches, etc. – break the external server where you guardabas them.

-That a virus attack the entire network from your office computers. Are you prepared to deal with these situations and succeed? How do your backups? You should do them periodically according to the importance and the amount of information that you modify. For example, the file with the daily sales to the liquidation of salary isn’t the same. You can make the daily backup simply by sending in mail files to an account from Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo open for that purpose. The weekly backup can do it on any computer in your Office (you must have them in network). You can make the monthly backup on a DVD, a computer or an external hard disk that you keep unplugged and in another physical location, for example, your home or your parents House. There are many free programs, I recommend the SyncBack. If you liked this article and want to place it on your site, you can do so freely, when cites as a source to would like in addition to implement these techniques let me your questions and comments in the form that appears below or by clicking on add a comment. I will respond personally.

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