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Thus, after we have finished cutting a plastic card that can be further developed, additional processes are Embossing, Tiping, causing the signature strip, causing a scratch band. These processes require a separate description, they are not necessarily included in the general production cycle, they will devote a separate article. To summarize, sum up the equipment necessary for the organization of production lines for manufacturing plastic kart2: 1.Kompyuter – believe that the required Set the monitor, system unit, keyboard, mouse for handling vector and raster graphics, a set of current prices can be purchased for approximately 10,000 rub.3 2.Printer – as agreed above cost about 4000 rubles. (Can be placed in a lower amount). 3.SNPCH – we take the maximum value of 1300 rubles, although there is an opportunity to save money. 4. production line – capacity up to 800 cards per shift, about 4000 cards per working week (5 days): 4.1. Press Laminator A6 size – the minimum tab for 2 cards, the maximum single load 20 cards – the cost of 21,000 rubles.

4.2. Vyrubschik cards (hand) – 3900 rubles. 4.3.Sabelny cutter – 2000 rubles Total small production line including Computer Equipment: 42,200 5. production line – capacity up to 500 cards per hour, up to 4000 cards per day, up to 20,000 cards per week: 5.1.Press-Laminator A4 – minimum tab for 10 cards, maximum single loading 100 cards – the cost of 35,000 rubles. 5.2. Vyrubschik crucible for cutting plastic cards – 37000 rub. 5.3.Sabelny cutter – 2000 rubles Total average production line including computer equipment: 89,300 6.

production line – capacity up to 500 cards per hour, up to 4000 cards per day, up to 20,000 cards a week, the opportunity for professional manufacture cards with contactless chips that work with sophisticated plastics. 6.1.Press-A4 Laminator format automatic, hydraulically operated – minimum tab for 10 cards, the maximum single load 100 cards – the cost of 125,000 rubles. 6.2. Crucible cutting for 2 cards – 89,900 rubles. Total professional production line including hardware: 230,200 rubles. Often ask for advice on the choice of printer. We used for these purposes Epson R200, at the moment the printer taken out of production, was replaced by Printer Epson R270, its value in November 2008 is about 4000 rubles. 2. All prices are listed at the beginning of November 2008, the calculation is made on the basis of offers LiderPrint 3. It all depends on the amount of available funds, the proposed the sum is quite sufficient for the organization of a pretty good line.

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