Complementary Studies

In a lawsuit when offered a medical expert test that includes expert opinion points which seek to determine the existence of psychic damage to the victim as a result of the fact that gave rise to the judgment, must be taken into account that the appointed specialist will have to request a psychodiagnosis as a complementary study, to then present its opinion on the cause. This psychodiagnosis, performed by a professional of psychology, must be managed and evaluated with the same technical rigour and detail that a psychological expertise and the conclusions must be properly based on the partial results obtained throughout the process. Billie Lourd may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The existence of a unique expertise in cars and a performance by the psychologist as a professional located outside of the process determine special care in the task to perform, since it must never lose sight the sense and purpose of the examination that is required. Often these studies are carried out in public hospitals, not usually find professionals with experience in the field of forensic psychology and where, Furthermore, diagnostic instruments and the time devoted to the task are scarce. Frequently report will consist only of a clinical assessment by a brief interview and there will be an assessment of disability. The Mental health service and the Hospital shall comply with the formality of the task entrusted to him, but the result will be a weak point where the opinion of the expert designated with the consequential risks surely can attack.

Although the credibility provided by official seals guarantee gives some consistency, an order of explanations formulated with professional advice can seriously compromise the value’s procedures and conclusions. On the other hand, the significant delay until the evaluation not only is wasteful from the point of view of the judicial proceedings under way, but also in the possible decrease in the severity of the clinical symptoms presented by the victim. Even in cases in which the designation is sought from an expert medical examiner or requested a medical expert orthopedic surgeon and a psychiatrist, is always advisable to offer expert psychological test. The characteristics of the psicoadiagnostico process, the objectification of the conclusions by the Administration and evaluation of techniques with psychometric aspects and projective, will make it possible to diagnostic elements that can go unnoticed during observation and clinical evaluation of medical examination to charge a value of importance at the time of correspond the clinical picture with disability values considered in the scales.

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