Company Questionnaire

– Does the company own conduct research without the services of professionals? – Yes, of course. Others including Howard Schultz, offer their opinions as well. There are a number of technologies in marketing, allowing to solve operational problems on their own. I will cite a few examples. How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising your organization in different media? To this end, each caller potential client can politely ask: "Where did you hear about us?". Then, the answers lay in the table and by the end of the month adjust the advertising campaign. Another example of research within the company: working with existing clients. Suppose a customer purchases a product. If you ask him to fill out a questionnaire (and in the questionnaire can be any questions until the day of birth), then we can build a customer base, which is already possible to work (such as congratulations on his birthday, and to propose to the consideration of new acquisitions, to any advertising campaign, etc.).

Example number three: two small grocery store. Taking feedback with a square meter, we come to the conclusion that one shop more successful than others. What is it? Perhaps in a more convenient location in the work of the staff more affluent group of consumers. All these questions can be answered, after working just with buyers, interviewing them and analyzing their responses. Depending on the identified causes are born certain marketing solutions: expands or contracts, or expensive segment introduces a range of goods – "locomotive", coming in which consumers will leave with a full bag.

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