Commercial Director Fabex

" Ordered to stand should be noted that many companies went on a radical path by cutting the volume of manufactured products. But there are those who set up to resist the crisis. Talking about companies with production facilities in Russia, Irina Bazyleva notice that they almost did not cut staff or reduce wages. "Layoffs were character optimization. For example, before the crisis, the employer hired several designers in different directions, but now leaves only the chief specialist, plus possibly one assistant ", – said the expert," unity ". "Yes, we have equipment to lease, we will extinguish the loan.

Yes, it has risen in price raw materials and supplies due to the dollar. But our product anyway, now has a competitive advantage over imports, who loses in price due to exchange rate and raised the customs duties. It is therefore very important to keep own production, and we make every effort "- kommentriuet Naira Oganesyan, ceo of Spartacus Business Group (manufacturing and selling children's clothing under the brand name Lusy & Syzy). Konstantin Nosov, Commercial Director Fabex jeans (jeans production), is also confident that Russian producers now have a chance to beat their Eastern rivals. As expert notices, Chinese bribe that offer cheaper labor and local raw materials. At the cost of production while they look more convincing. We buy raw materials, and the average wage of workers in our order of magnitude higher. But if you take the entire cycle of a product, including packing, shipping, customs clearance, etc., that we are competitive.

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