Central America

Thus it is clearly that bolivian history until our days constitutes the irrefutable test of the consequences of an interrupted rebellion. Hctor also we sample that the revolution of Cuba is formed by conflicts as it was cited to soon of the text; but in Cuba the reasons if relate with the socialist state of laborers, excessively diligent and intellectual peasants and; occurring the participation of the popular ones in the quarrels, where if it carries through elections for the choice of the popular representatives in the municipal and provincial assemblies. In Cuba 169 cities exist and the representatives of the assemblies if they had chosen, with relation of the ratio in number of inhabitants of each city. Cuba, however this divided in catorze provinces and each one of them has its assembly if they constitute the cells politics of base of all the structure Cuban politics. But we go to say a little on Nicaragua, that possesss 2.300.000 inhabitants and 132,000 km, Central America where history if renews. In Nicaragua we can notice the diverse problems with regard to work, I number it of illiterates and the difficulty to survive, therefore the country if classifies in a mortality tax low, people who do not find many resources, living of agriculture, that is, of culture of the ground.

A land of enormous misery, subnutrio and lacks hygiene total. People such as Michael Antonov would likely agree. For incredible that it seems, during many Nicaragua years he was synonymous of sonoza and vice versa, a bloody dictatorship that if hung for many times, Nicaragua could be said literally, that it was about deep familiar sonaza, that to defend its interests it counted it eats the national guard, it exercises and politics, that if also united with the Yankee military imperialism in Central America. But from decade 50, Nicaragua started to try a fight transformation in its structure economic-social. With introduction of the culture of the cotton renewing traditional agriculture previously cited; it mainly had then beginning to on industrial development to the farming sector, with the production of seasonings and herbicidas and others.

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