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Why satisfied customers simply stop doing business with you? Statistics show that new customers to cost between six and 10 times more than the current store. In addition to losing can affect your sales and certainly your reputation. I are seven tips to keep your current customers: Do not think for them. Your are a tool for understanding market needs, to innovate and find other ways to solve your problems and exceed your expectations. Measures and compensates for the satisfaction of your customers: If your customer satisfaction is really a priority for your business, then show him your team.

Develop a method to measure it, set goals to improve and compensate for your team when these goals are reached. Make sure you have staff trained in customer service. They must have attitudes that reflect trust, empathy, flexibility, verbal communication and pro-activity. Each customer contact your team is an opportunity for build or destroy your reputation. Thanks.

Send thank you notes. This is a simple strategy that can have a real impact. Also says a lot about the company and the value given to customers. Establish contact by telephone or email. The frequency may vary, you must have minimum contacts every three months. Get your customers feel more appreciated than those who still are not regular customers. As you get potential customers, make sure you have a special deal with your current customers. Design launches programs or deliver. Look for opportunities to sell to your customers multiple products or services, this creates the idea that you’re always innovating. Research shows that this brings loyalty and retention. It is a great way to increase your revenue and profits. Finally, make sure that the care provided to your customers is the responsibility of everyone, especially small business where team members are responsible for many activities at once. Remember that all your staff must be attentive to the needs of your customers, from the receptionist to the dealer. The type of printing to give up to you.

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