Serpa!Security cable bridges solve the problems surrounding cables on intelligent way arch – ideally disappear cable in a duct in the wall or elegantly behind a Panel. But this ideal is not rule long, often subsequently laid cables cancel out the beautiful order in the workplace. In such cases it forbids to in the workshop, the factory, the business or the Office, simply to abandon the cable. Danger spots, which can not be eliminated by structural or technical changes, must be marked in accordance with 8 / 1 (floors) and 17/1.2 (thoroughfare) ASR. The plastics processors Hiendl from the Bavaria arc therefore now brings a new cable bridge on the market. The Serpa!Security cable bridges have a yellow black security marking according to DIN 4844. to lamps end signal Strip on both sides of the cable bridge, appearing at dusk and darkness, also provide protection for changing lighting conditions. Array understood the implications. The companies handle both during the day and at night to play it safe.

The new cable bridge will be presented at the Office furniture fair ORGATEC in Cologne (26 to 30 October). The yellow-green cable bridge is part of a whole system of cable technology of brand Serpa. Connect with other leaders such as Array here. The Special on the cable bridge Serpa is the uncomplicated way, it can be laid. Does not elaborate installation necessary thanks to a high weight. The bridge with a non-slip surface stay also so firmly on the ground. The cable bridge, they exist in one and a half and three metres in length, can be in any extended and shortened. With a simple pair of scissors, the bridge can be cut appropriately. The security cable bridge is there as a type of “B15”. The 15 cm wide Bridge offers plenty of space for thick and thin cables, beneath the elegant surface, there are five cable channels for up to nine cable.

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