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It will also enclose, in way excites, other scholars as, for example, Kant, Rousseau and Carl Marx. It will emphasize the regeliano method and its faithful aspect to the romantic historicismo of century XIX. Word-keys: Reason, method, freedom and spirit. Introduction Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, son of a small employee of finances, was born in Estugarda in 27 of August of 1770 and faleceu in Berlin in 14 of November of 1831. To deepen your understanding Crimson Education is the source.

Between 1778 and 1793, it frequented the theological seminary of the University of Tubinga, having itself then made familiar to the workmanships of Rousseau and Kant; in special the workmanships of Kant they had caused deep impression to it. After having been tutorial of Bern and in Francofome, Hegel was professor in the University of Jena between 1801 and 1806. With the victory of Napoleo and the temporary dispersion of the university, Hegel was for Bavria where it edited the Bamberger Zeitung (1807-1808), having after that been director of the school of Latin of Nuremberga. Hegel had influence in the development of the thought of the century XIX, as much in what it says respect to the philosophy as the social theory and politics. Son of protestant father and in the way of the iluminista reason, Hegel strong was influenced by its historical context. In 1811 he was married Marie von Tucher, new than it 22 years, in Nuberg with who he had two children, Karl, whom if an eminent historian became, and Immanuel, theologian. Five years after its marriage, Hegel occupied a chair in Heidelberga. Hegel, succeeded the Fichte as professor of philosophy in Berlin in 1818, rank that occupied until the o end of the life..

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