Application Equipment

Quite difficult to find such a domain industry, which would not use those or other pressure or suction hoses. They are used to transport various oil, gas, water, and other bulk, liquid and gaseous substances. Pressure hose is highly valued in those circumstances where you need to quickly connect a variety of containers and move a diverse raw materials without leaks. Its reliability and flexibility make it possible to skirt almost any obstacle and can withstand considerable pressure. All sleeves are classified several types. More often than others can be found pressure hoses reinforced frame which is a textile material.

This products are divided into classes depending on operating conditions. Pressure-suction hose Class 'P' are designed for pumping milk, water and other food grade 'F' are used when transferring combustible gases – compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen and other things, the class 'B' are used to pump process water, the class 'kw' – for the transfer of alkaline and acid environments. In some cases, also used a rubber hose metal braid, which gives high heat resistance and durability. When the temperature is 190 degrees, so the sleeve can withstand the pressure of 5 MPa. These characteristics abound in order to use delivery hose, for example, road works during the transportation of molten bitumen. For the transportation of combustible and flammable liquids, use an antistatic discharge hose, which guarantees Safety of creating sparks. Among other things, special high-pressure hoses, which are made of special synthetic materials that can withstand extremely high loads, but their application is limited by a negative temperature in -4 degree. When using equipment with a large cold should be applied dyuritovye sleeves, which work in a range from -60 to +100 degrees. Thus, the number of pressure Sleeveless fairly large to ensure all the needs of companies in all industries: from oil production and food processing to engineering and transportation.

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