Alexander Dvorkin

Similar homes equipped with lifts in ancient times, the more recent historical structures note the freight elevator at the Summer Palace of Peter I. 'Simple to use and reliable electric hoists, for example, bkg, does not require a special shaft and fastened to the floor and floor slabs. Electricity they consume a minimal amount, the customer's request can be completed with lights and 'warm' flooring. Lifting mechanisms of this class – from five to 300 kg, but most popular among owners of cottages used machines, capable of moving cargo up to 50 kg ', – says Alexander Dvorkin, ceo of' Radial-Service '. If space is not enough, however, want to automate the descent into the underground garage, establish a car lift. This may be an elevator that can deliver to a place not only the car but the driver and the passengers, or platform that moves a vehicle. Given equal technical conditions platform costs about two to two and a half times cheaper. time – money Lift should be provided even in the design of the cottage: it is necessary to take into account the location and dimensions of shafts, static and dynamic loads, and many other factors, such as power lift mechanism (1,5 kW).

During the design phase the developer can analyze the different price offers and choose the most suitable option. Install the same elevator in an existing house – not an easy task. Construction of the building to investigate, while receiving positive results. Then, in places where it will take mine, must be strengthened floors, hold a number of other technical activities.

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