The Bombril perceived that its users had moved. Not of more having success speaking only with the house owners, therefore she is necessary to reach other public, to give they a reason to prefer Bombril. They try to discover which the secret of as much success of the more famous advertising campaign of the world, that shows to a relation of complicity between the advertiser and the consumer. Vendendo the product through an only exclusive boy propaganda, that to long of the years it comes showing to its performance with the company and its consumers and customers fidiciary offices. The advertising executives bet that the humorstica language developed in a propaganda with excellent script and photograph always is a good choice.

To study the acceptance in relation to the consumers, the reason of famous marks that had used the humorstico speech to have conquered and been in the souvenir of the viewers. We are part of a society where it is necessary to know to communicate itself, we have habits and customs proceeding from our culture. Propagandas that in the day the day, can be characterized through jokes regarding racial, social questions, politics or of relationships between the people. But thirty seconds, on average, can transmit a pleasant sensation in a propaganda. Many of the times, the consumer prefers to attend something that will transmit good moments, making per one instant has left of its life, making with that the announced product later is remembered and kept for the spectators with attention and affection. The term advertising, according to Sant' Anna (1998), in its origin is derived from ' ' pblico' ' – of Latin publicus, that it is to become public a fact or an idea, while the propaganda is a way of spreading of ideas. The best form of if vender a product are placing the individual to a propaganda where necessity will go induziz it to buy this product, thus using the daily one.

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