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The Letter

Everything started with a homesickness that beat to fort in the chest a stranger homesickness, leading in consideration the fact of that in we saw the day all to them, then does not think that he is something seemed with a farewell or farewell intention is only homesickness placed in form of words, is only thoughts placed on the paper. Today I thought about I eat to lose I would be you after whom already he happened and he wanted that you knew I after felt as to think me this You already if became part of me, so part that I do not imagine myself more without its touch, its you smell, its presence! He does not ask to me as I will live later that everything to finish I know that it would be the day all looking at for the telephone, waiting a phone call its without nor remembering to me that it already cannot more touch. I know that I go to be waiting that message, without nor remembering that more received being cannot. I know that looking at it would be you without nor remembering that I cannot touch more you. I know that it would fall in prantos when remembering I know that my eyes still would shine when hearing its name, but now do not know if of joy or sadness. I know that the souvenirs would be as wounded open in my memory and know that any thing, for more of small account than seems, will be reason pra these wounds to ache. I know that it would be looking at its smile and lamenting not to be more the cause of them, but now cause of its tears. I know that it did not finish, but is that to think about this possibility as much ached that ties was scared. I still know that back in the front, I will look at pra brings and I will remember you, with the heart crying, but a smile in the face, when remembering the only one that I knew that obtained to join a silly child, a rebelled adolescent and a courageous woman, everything this in the smile and the look prettier than I already vi. I know that I will look at pra brings with the heart crying, but with a brightness in the look for having obtained to live so intensely this forbidden love

Dating Is Nourishing Love

It nourished a very strong love, affection and attachment for It. Everything this fruit of its enchantments, its virtues and predicates. But it would have to Another guilt of this? Who would not be in the same situation ahead of so perfect man? Destoando of the behavior of the Other, It, endowed with a little of reason, was cautious, had fear and it did not want to become involved itself of beginning, tried, uselessly, to disfarar its emotions, to resist to deny its feelings, to deny same itself. But what it is the reason ahead of such power of seduction? Ahead of the clear chance of being happy? Without counting that not to yield the so irresistible wonder, it was not an easy task very; not to yield to this would be as not to yield to an invitation of an angel, an invitation to the paradise, clouds. Read more here: Stuart Solomon. thus was, following its condition human being, It yielded to its desires, its ansiedades and It. From there it appears plus a quandary that the life comes back in stocking costuma to place. How two friends would dispute the same man without one was hurt? Would be one of them capable one to choose It and to open hand of the friendship, or to choose the friendship opening hand of it? The reply she seems obvious! It is as they say ‘ ‘ the loves are few, already the friends are muitos’ ‘. Each one would go to fight for what yearned for, Another one, for the affection and attention that received and it made that it if to feel well, to feel itself dear and loved.

It for the possibility of finally being happy, for the possibility of if delivering and if carrying through, for the possibility to love. The climate was of desputa. This situation if more still incited when It, unexpectedly, left to make the so sacred and constant considerate phone calls and suppresors of anxiety.