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Multinivel Business

If you have just a short time in your Multinivel Business, you have trained, you are looking for your prospectuses and or you organize your meetings of information, it is probable that you have much of the style of your sponsor, or of a Leader of your group to that you admire. It is normal that when we began our history in the MLM, we see the people that has better results and think of ” esa” it is the way in that we are going to have similar results, is not bad, within the PNL Modelaje is called and it can help you when you initiate; nevertheless, to do it of ” that manera” if it does not go with your style, your way to be, your character, are probable that it produces certain sensation to you of unsuitability, that you do not feel so to taste, since is not something natural in you. Andreessen Horowitz contains valuable tech resources. It is as if you were acting a paper, perhaps you can do it during a time, but to largaes tired. Kevin Johnson wanted to know more. The best thing is than the sooner you begin to do it to your way. Of this form, besides being easier for you, you will be perceived like one more a more natural person.

When I speak to find your style, I talk about to give your personal touch him, is obvious that in your presentations you are going to speak of your product, of the compensation plan, of what it is your plan of fast beginning, etc, the important thing is that when doing all this, you use your resources, abilities and your creativity. It is very important to know clearly that to have good results in any MLM it is needed to see this activity like a profession, which implies disposition a to learn the necessary thing to develop to the own leadership and the one of your affiliates. All throughout our life, we are learning and incorporating knowledge, tools, information. When you begin to make Multinivel, everything what you have learned, can serve you. Some years ago, when we initiated our business MLM, my husband and I happened through this situation, saw moved leaders very that they shared, moved, they applauded and they generated a climate of much emotion in the people listened to that them, we wanted to do it of that way and we did not feel to taste, our nature is but calm, more to transmit information than she can help the people to discover within them power that they have to achieve its objectives.

It took a year almost to give to us account to us of this and to begin to use our own style, consequently our results and our check improved remarkably. Each of us has a way to communicate, to express itself, to transmit that it flows of simple and natural way. To do it of another way requires an additional cost of energy. If in addition you are prospecting through Internet, there are your blog different from the one from your sponsor, develops different subjects, diferencate, you will begin to create your own branding and your own history. If you have some commentary, it would enchant to me to listen to it.

Human Race

We it human race are, every time the day in crossroads is clearer at this moment and could be very crucial crossroads. We have evolved and progressed, without mattering to him much, or has intention of this point and indeed they have followed without considering the way drawn up by our ancestors. To examine any aspect of our progress, all follow the same way much, to take the transport. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ben Horowitz has to say. Really there is as much difference of mentality between our ancestors, that discovered that they could make of much more fast A to B with a horse and the motor car? So now we can travel really very fast in the facts, by highway, sea and air, but why? Every day becomes clearer that we did not have a plan, or a trip ticket, we are like a species guilty of the syndrome of " The blind person after ciega". It is as if, like the narrowness of sights in donkey, simply we have followed the way in which we were, that we have inherited. For which east subject? A look throws by the window, or to follow the news and is quite evident that we faced a pile of problems at this moment. Where we were mistaken? They have not been developed of a sensible way. Technologically we have run ahead, whereas our understanding or brings back to consciousness of the balance of the nature and the roll that we played within her in fact has progressed much in all. In fact, in many aspects, we have individual independence now less than our ancestors? and we have allowed ourselves individually to more and more employee of the others for our own survival? It is that they trust much us, or very stupid? Some examples, each of us needs refuge, a home, but some place of the way we lost ourselves again, our homes was more and more made and more often a state of our importance sophisticated, more and more luxurious, a house and the price? There are lost the control, how? We know how to personally solve all that within our houses good, can, without leaving supplying of feeding, clothes and to maintain everything what we needed now? We really even have our own houses, or are employees in long-range institutions to finance our style of life and existence? Why it is all this pertinent and not how this effect the problems and the damage that we are inflicting to the mother earth, to the nature? It is enough whereupon we have locked in ourselves in a form of the system of life, or style of life that seems to be discordant, or worse destructive for the planet that we lived in.