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Environmental Audit

Environmental Audit – an independent, comprehensive, documented assessment of compliance with the subject of economic and other activities in the requirements of environmental protection, national and international standards and preparation of recommendations to improve such activities. Environmental audit will allow the owners of companies: Get objective information from an independent source on the activities of the company on line requirements of the legislation. Sound environmental strategies and policies of the enterprise. To identify priorities for conservation planning. Effectively address the issues of preferential the introduction of tax-saving technologies. Reduce the likelihood of negative consequences for the company: pause (stop) production. Under most conditions Andreessen Horowitz would agree.

Reduce the risk of emergencies related to environmental pollution. (Similarly see: Ben Horowitz). Optimize the relationship with authorities, regulatory authorities and the public. Increase the attractiveness of products and services to both domestic and foreign markets. Raise investment attractiveness of the company. Minimize the difficulty of obtaining loans for development of the company.

Certify the company to international environmental standards and quality standards. Optimize the conditions of environmental insurance and other areas of the environmental audit compliance with environmental audit of the company environmental management requirements. Environmental Audit compliance with the requirements of the enterprise to ensure the safety of man-made environment and ecological security of the enterprise. Environmental audit of fixed assets for compliance with criteria for environmental protection equipment supplies, and facilities designed to maintain the operational status of such objects. Environmental audit in case of detection production facilities being built or constructed without state ecological expertise of investment projects Environmental audit Environmental audit of environmental charges and taxes enterprises – Law of Nature of Russia in the field of environmental auditing the Federal Law of 10.01.2002 7-FZ "On Environmental Protection (in Art. 1 gives a definition of environmental audit) the Federal Law of 04.05.1999 96-FZ" On Air Protection "(Article 27, paragraph .2 – made for the use of eco-auditing at the request of state officials) Presidential Decree 511 of 15.03.2000" On the classifier acts "(code 110.010.100 (080.160.000) (includes ekoaudit as an activity) Order of State Committee of Russian Federation from 16.07.1998 436 "About carrying out practical work on the introduction of environmental auditing in the Russian Federation" State Standard of Russia adopted a series of standards ISO 14 000 on the formation of system of environmental audit