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Bearded Collie Dog

GENERAL appearance: the breed of dog Collie is a dog lean and active, your body measured from the vertex of the sill to the tip of the rump is longer than your height in an approximate ratio of 5 to 4. The females can be longer Iigeramente. This breed of Shepherd is originally from Scotland but, despite the name that could lead to misunderstandings, is a completely different from all other Collie dog. Nice and pleasant appearance which is also due to its very sweet expression and its very particular and abundant coat, you’re getting one even outside the United Kingdom growing acceptance. Not very large, you can live perfectly outdoors although sometimes prefer staying quiet, put on comfortable armchairs.It is said that this dog was well known at the time of the Romans even if this data has not been fully tested.Anyway, its ancient origin is true and for a long time was used as guardian of sheep especially in northern Scotland where, thanks to its dense fur, supported without problems the rigors of winter. ES likely to have influenced the Bobtail or old English Shepherd and Border terrier small dog in the creation of this breed: first, the Bearded Collie would have inherited size and hair, the second, agility.

It is now widespread in the United Kingdom although quite less in other countries. Although this breed of dogs have a solid structure, the distance between the ground and your bottom line should be wide, and they must not be too heavy appearance.A distinguishing characteristic is its alert and intelligent expression.FEATURES: Alert, vivacious, confident and active. TEMPERAMENT: Firm, is a working dog excellent, without any trace of shyness or aggressiveness. Wayne Holman gathered all the information. HEAD and skull: Head is provided to the body. The broad skull, flattened and square, the distance between the stop and the occipital must be equal to the width between the ear holes.