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Work Situations

Either when initiating its career or during its course, innumerable situations occur? good and bad. Decisions exist to take, sides to choose, people with which we have that to deal, surprises in waiting and very work to them to make, nor always duly recognized or appreciated. Yes! We can deliver resulted, fulfill stated periods, be innovative, have ' ' focus in objetivos' ' nor therefore we will please. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kim Garfunkel. Many times, when leaving clearly our ability what more we arrange around are adversaries resented at our performance. An old economist said that the Brazilian does not pardon the success? Therefore the exercise of the diplomacy and the strategical relationary position in all is important the situations of our professional trajectory. Technician is not enough to domain or to sweat the shirt in countless overtime.

She is necessary to be distinguished, but without this places at risk its position or you is seen as a bajulador that above all places the company in the life. It sees the examples below and it takes the reins of its success: 1. It develops Selective hearing Many consultants say: he knows to hear. Nothing more generic and inefficacious. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Wayne Holman. Who to be ten minutes in the radio-laborer knows limitless of besteiras for millimeter squared of space. The same valley for who is hearing the managing manager or if to brag on its infalibilidade. It develops, in contrast, a selective hearing, that is: it shares experiences that add value and absorb excellent knowledge. The ftil commentary disdains.

Cut fofoca and is on in the direction where if it moves the leadership, company, markets, customers. It invests its time in hearing and assimilating new knowledge and, is clearly, to reflect in what it hears. 2. The speed of the changes improves its Work in Team plays much thing for land, leaving others stops backwards. It has little time for analysis and correction of errors in the majority of the situations of the routine.

Thomas Edison

E quickly acreditounaquilo and gave up the idea so that you not to feel itself dull. Somebody emalgum place of the world had the same idea. (In the truth Thomas Edison, aceitavao credit for its ideas, it did not say that the ideas they were in air to esperandoserem handles, and if it had not caught them and come with all the inventos, eledizia that somebody certainly would have.) To another person who had the same idea, he did not give heard to the others with seus' ' concepts negativos' '. They had used ' ' concepts negativos' ' to make pequenasalteraes in the product or the book. Then this person made the necessary research, planned, tried and probably she had to get financing for arealizao of the product. Very probable it or it was refused by vriaspessoas, but they had continued going until she has yes had gotten what estavamprocurando. Few months later, you are seated in its sofa having rested and assistindoTV.

Tired and he is estressado, because it was one day hard in the work. You olhapara a stack of accounts that if seat not even to its side and want to open ascorrespondncias because you know the imminent disaster, that waits dosenvelopes inside. Suddenly, he comes in an advertising. The advertiser speaks on this timoequipamento that goes to revolutionize the way as we live ours lives. Vocagora is with anger because, some idiot had its idea and now is fazendoum dollar million. You still to call the person who said that dull its to it idiaera wanting to spank it. With who you this really irritated one? Apessoa that ' ' tomou' ' the idea, the person who said that its eraestpida idea to it, or you is really with anger of itself exactly? Perhaps if you carried through all the stages of the action to another person and produtoainda would not have been launched in the market. You never go to know. You nuncatentou. Thus, to another person he all deserves the success that it will have. It is for issoque to dream great is wonderful, but action is the key for the success.


Since much time the value given to the Amaznia for Brazilian us is questioned by others, and these that arrive affirming that we do not take care of of it that we do not mobilize in them to protect it, and that it is better for whom world-wide forces assume the responsibility to preserve the Amaznia therefore according to them ' ' it is the lung of mundo' ' that without it the whole world goes to suffer severely for not having care of it. Researchers already show that the Amaznia is not the lung, and that the true lung of the world is the seaweed present mainly in the oceans. It is truth that it has a very great wealth, the existence of innumerable varieties of species and that these probably possess important properties for cure of said illnesses as today incurable and also financial wealth (precious metals, combustible fsseis and others.), and also I can say that he has the best existing wealth that she is the human being (I associate it the productions already carried through by the man, culturally and historically speaking). passivity that is faced the fact of that we are seen as lazy before the Amaznia he is not comfortable. James Joseph Truchard may also support this cause. It is not so easy to take care of of it, but it is certain that we must organizing in them to take care of and studies it. The other nations that arrive to intervene (or at least try) on the sovereignty of Brazil on it would have to look at its proper ' ' points cegos' ' before they capsize to speak of the problems of the others. Not yet &#039 arrived at the point of in them taking off the Amaznia with arguments; ' humanitrios' ' (these used in times and times for proper interests) and I wait that never it arrives at this point, because we have autoconscincia of our acts (I wait) and that it is not legal the way as is seen the subject Amaznia preservation and study. We have capacity to revert or at least controlling the current situation..


To learn if to know better and to identify to its qualities and deficiencies, as you react in definitive situations and where she can improve. The change starts of inside for is, with the self-knowledge. To discover as the others you perceive. To know the evaluation of others people, the tip is to make a marketing research with its friends, family and fellow workers. It discovers what they really enxergam to it, the positive and negative points, and learns to use this its favor. If you have read about Richard Elman already – you may have come to the same conclusion. To search motivation, looking for the stimulatons to reach its objectives and to improve its relationships, that is identifies to everything what you want to search, therefore Motivation comes of Reasons that Lead to the Action! To plan, placing its yearnings, desires and necessities in the paper, quantifying goals short, medium and long run, in all areas of the life: professional, staff, familiar, spiritual, financier, economic and social.

The desired image is that one that congregates all the conceivable perfeies and if it adjusts to the way where you live, independent of the reality, never leaving however, to correspond to the truth. The professionals must project images leaving of its true essence, therefore thus they will only be happy and efficient in the fulfilment of its tasks, however, at some moments, we will have that in to relieve, the established concepts daily pay. To each moment, in each situation, each environment, we create and we wait established images daily pay, such requirements must be added with intrinsic characteristics in each being. The individuality must be the first element to constitute an image. The image is something that we structuralize of inside for it are, is initiated exactly with the knowledge of itself. To recognize our potential and our deficiencies makes with that let us project personal and professional the image better that we want to construct, and for in such a way, we must explore the following abilities: credibility, same knowledge of itself, auto-esteem, efficient, ethical communication, professional position, concern with the personal presentation and to know to keep good relationships Is of great importance to know to circulate with nimbleness in that it is the place or event.

Managemental Ability

He does not import the area of the company where you act, therefore if you occupy a managemental position you know that 70% of the organizacional climate are its responsibility. E, so that you if skirt well in the position of Manager, are necessary to possess some knowledge that can take it the success: ) Knowledge Technician: They are specific knowledge so that the Manager can use necessary methods, techniques and equipment to the accomplishment of determined tasks. These knowledge technician could be acquired through its experience, education and/or training. B) Interpersonal knowledge: Engloba knowledge and abilities to communicate, to negotiate, to decide, to lead, to motivate, to delegate, to evaluate and to train its collaborators. C) Administrative knowledge: They involve knowledge to plan, to organize, to co-ordinate and to control the productive activities, people and resources.

D) Organizacionais knowledge: It involves abilities and knowledge so that the manager understands the complexity of the organization, its structural aspects, the philosophy, mission, values, culture, style of management and the adjustment of the collaborators the company, trying to conciliate the individual objectives to the organizacionais objectives. E) Strategical knowledge: Conditions are mentioned to ace to make to function the area for which the Manager answers inside of a perspective of short, medium and long run. Kevin Johnson may also support this cause. Possessing these knowledge the Manager will be capable to apply form concepts to combine the four described areas previously already, considering the economic and social projects of the company the reality of the business, to the requirements of the conjuncture and strategies for the future. Main Managemental Abilities Exist some abilities that are more associates to the managemental success, which will have more at great length to be defined with passing of the time? Planning and Organization: capacity to plan and to organize its proper activities and of its group, being established objective measurable and you reached. Administrative control: capacity to value the necessity of controls and the maintenance of them on the processes.

Delegation of Tasks: capacity to use of efficient form its collaborators, delegating to them responsibilities in agreement its capacities and to focus where better it can take decisions. Analysis of problems: capacity to search the data pertinent to one determined problem and to determine mago of the question. Judgment: capacity to arrive the logical conclusions on the basis of the available evidences. Power to decide promptitude: capacity to decide, to judge or to decide problems readily and well. Verbal communication: capacity of if expressing with good results in individual or group situations. Verbal presentation: capacity to present ideas and facts in clear and convincing way. Written communication: capacity to express its ideas in writing, of clear and objective form. Persuasion: capacity to organize and to present ideas in order to induce the listener to accept them. Sensitivity and Flexibility: capacity to perceive and to react adequately to necessities of the others. Auditory perception: capacity to catch excellent information from verbal communications. Amplitude of Interest: opening and diversity of interests. Interest for the personal and organizacional environment and desire to participate actively of the events. Energy: capacity to reach high level of activities (claw). Creativity: capacity to present innovative solutions for work situations. Leadership: capacity to take the group to accept ideas and to work reaching objective specific. Acceptance of Risks: capacity to accept risks on the basis of deliberate the knowledge of the consequences. Initiative: capacity to initiate a on account proper work and to influence the course of the events. Tolerance to the Estresse: capacity to keep steady the standards of performance when in situations of pressure and opposition.


The BENEFIT OF the ENDOMARKETING AS TOOL OF MANAGEMENT OF PEOPLE Summary: The subject in question deals with the valuation endomarketing inside of the companies to motivate people and to make with that all look at for the same direction. Endomarketing or internal marketing, with also is known, comes being presented as a modern alternative to increase the comprometimento of the employees with the objectives of the organizations. Based in one it searches bibliographical, that it approaches its importance, endomarketing appears from the moment that the good performance of the organizations directly is related to the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness they attributed. To come back to the attention toward inside of the company, searching taking the collaborating integrant and essential part of the process, comes changing the vision of the market of small, average and great companies, in what it refers to its positioning as success organization. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jonas Samuelson by clicking through. Word-key: endomarketing, communication, internal customer. Abstract: The subject to matter deals with the enhancement of internal marketing within companies you motivate people and make everyone look the same direction. Internal The marketing or internal marketing, is also known, is being presented a modern alternative you increase employee commitment you the objectives of organizations.

Based on literature search, which discusses its importance, the internal marketing you eat from the teams that the good performance of organizations is directly related you the mobilization of its employees and the degree of seriousness them attributed you. According to Kevin Johnson, who has experience with these questions. Return you the company' s attention inward, seeking you take to developer and integrating essential part of the process is changing the view of the market of small, medium and large enterprises in terms of to their placement successful organization. Keywords: internal marketing, communication, internal to customer. 1. Introduction: In the current competitive world of the organizations and its interactions with diverse environments, it has forced, each time more, the companies to search and to apply of complex form, internal programs of qualifications of the collaborators and tools of integration being areas for qualitative profits in the organizacional climate, the direction to promote improvement in the relationships with the external customer.