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The solution should be based on the (VoIP) technology based innovative Voice over IP”. In the next tender, VR networks GmbH convinced through expert advice and design concepts. “” To achieve potential synergies also played IT solutions from the network for the Federation “a role”, so line bus. Since the proposed solution scenario as well as the expert support in the decision making process impressed us, we were sure to have found the right partner networks with VR.” Ambitious project based on the synchronization with the relocation project, stayed only three months time for the transition to the new contact center infrastructure. In addition to the tight time window was the challenge above all, to understand the interplay of previously installed components, as well as the historical database structures. The VR networks project team started with the TK technical illustration of business processes. With BCplus a solution package was used, all communication media E-Mail, phone, smart phones, fax,.

Integrated SMS, voice mail in a single, software-based application environment. The classic telephone system has been replaced by a Virtual PBX system in the cloud. It extends across two data centers and is available fully redundant. In addition the necessary flexibility is given now to implement process automation systems to meet future requirements so that. The second part of the project included the development of a completely new tool for phone agents. This intuitive application provides real time access to all information they need and thus creates the conditions to handle calls more efficiently. Using IPA (interaction process automation) all processes on the VR operated networks developed application.

Here are taking advantage of host connections and Web services custom forms and workflows used. An integral part of the solution is a complex IVR (interactive voice response) system. Callers who have language menu the possibility of the Card blocking making. This data is collected purely language-based system. Parallel, all conversations are recorded reasons of revocation hotline of the credit industry. Within the IVR, 80% of the total call volume handled today. Conversion successfully managed day were – supported by a preliminary on-site support”of the VR system specialist networks – the telephone agents of both layers in the call center present. Half of the new company building with the new solution, the other as a precaution as the parallel back-up at the old site with the existing technology. The switchover to the new contact center infrastructure proceeded smoothly and on schedule. For callers, no effects were noticeable. Operating Servodata now uses a modern, easily scalable communication system at the highest level of quality in the secure data center. The telephone agents use a comfortable process optimizing application. The goal has been achieved through a common and competent project work from the Federation for the Federation. A really ambitious project, a very dedicated and professional project team has created the basis for the future security of our production and our business model”concludes by Klaus Cordless bus. About VR networks GmbH: The VR networks is a company of the GAD group competence centre for telecommunications and network services. In this role, VR networks supervised banks and companies the cooperative financial network with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. Currently VR networks GmbH responsible safe and fast working with highest availability approximately 440 Volks – und Raiffeisenbanken, and about 30 other customers, for example, the DZ BANK group and other companies, the company with its services and solutions over 90,000 users.