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Robust front door – perfect for protecting your home, office or cottage. Types of doors a great many from very simple metal doors of economy class to luxury most steel doors application flexibility. There are many varieties of doors, they vary in design, construction, device. Each species has its own characteristics and intended for installation on different objects. Thus, the input door to a country house or cottage is different from the front door of the apartment or office, etc. Front doors: the prices in Moscow are a huge range – from 4 thousand rubles and higher.

The cheapest entry doors, as a rule, China. There are a myriad doors wide variety of colors and inner fulfillment. This allows the buyer to choose what suits him. You can choose not only mechanically durable, but resistant to breaking the doors, the price at which you will be pleasantly surprised. Typically, the doors of economic class different from the expensive models easy to trim the budget bundle and the low price. But the cheap does not always mean “bad.” With proper management the price of the doors can hold back an economy through more efficient technologies and materials. In most cases, are used to furnish a cheap and practical stuff, like vinyl leather. However, neither the use of economic materials, or simplicity of the technology do not affect the reliability of the doors, and their basic equipment complies with all international standards.

Choosing the front metal door, we usually aim to reliably protect their homes and pay for it as little money. Steel door entrance: its price is usually formed based on the quality of the material strength design and complexity of work. But buy cheap iron door does not mean that we should sacrifice its quality. One of the main means of protection of residential and commercial premises is Fire door. The price depends primarily on the material used. In the manufacture of doors using materials capable of resisting the action of an open flame for a certain period of time, that sure is certified. The good and the beautiful iron front door – a symbol of prestige and wealth owner. In steel, iron doors have significant advantages over wood – they more robust and resistant to any damage. And if in addition to the metal door of the flats you install a revolving iron doors, the security level of your apartment will increase to several points. When choosing iron door, note the directory iron doors of economy class. Presented there iron, metal doors, entrance and revolving, have decent technical characteristics and cost of iron doors are much lower because they are made by the same standard. Long gone are the days when the quality of our products has been associated exclusively with foreign firms. Steel door entrance domestic production in no way inferior to foreign analogues, and in some aspects even surpass them.


For the production of breeze blocks and other building products, the following individual components: cement, aggregates, water, chemical additives – plasticizers and modifiers of concrete (at the request of customer). The binder material can be used by Portland both low and high grades, as well as medlennotverdeyuschy gypsum. As the filler used in any combination of sand, gravel screenings, concrete block, slag, ash, sawdust, peat, Styrofoam pellets, peschanogranitnaya mixture (CBC), marble chips, bricks and fight, etc. At a temperature of 20-25 C hardening products takes place in 20-25 hours. When used for shelving podblochnyh plates of steaming can be organized that will positively affect the strength characteristics and reduced curing time items, as well as reduce the production area occupied by up to 30-40 square meters. It is recommended to use Portland cement grade 400 (PC M400). When using cement mark 300 cement consumption should increase by 10%, the use of cement grade five hundredth reduces its consumption by 10-20%. For mini production breeze blocks, we recommend to purchase upgraded machine 'EP – 600'.

Its cost is 95 thousand rubles. It is intended for the manufacture of the method of volume vibropressing of heavy and light concretes wide range of products: 1.Plitka sidewalk and curb stone of various shapes and colors of the original. 2.Pustotelye and sandstone wall and partition stones, the elements overlap. 3.Dekorativnye walling and cladding stones of different colors. 4.Zabornye and lawn elements and other elements of the redevelopment. In the manufacture of concrete products used environmentally friendly materials: natural sand and crushed, lightfast pigments plasticizers, cement brand or M400 M500.