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Field Marketing Strategies: Try Before You Buy

The "sampling" or "sampling" is a field marketing strategy that proposes an approach face to face with the consumer, and encourages him to try before you buy. In this type of field marketing, is the client who has the opportunity to explain the features and benefits of the product or service you're testing. On or marketing field offers sales and positioning resource for each product or service. It is for us to find out what that best fits our business. The "product sampling" or "product sampling, as we might translate it into Spanish, place the product in the hands and minds of potential consumers. What products does the sampling? The works for products that require more than just being placed on the shelves of the supermarket or store to be consumed.

Products that require a demonstration of their virtues that must be seen running to see what it is, to be tested to assess their quality. New products must compete with these "old friends" that consumers buy because they already know. That's what the sampling: to bring into play the senses and let consumers be their own sales. What are the benefits of sampling? Increased sales Opportunities to establish direct contact with the customer opportunity to measure the client's immediate reaction to the competitive product profile Increased brand show what and where? Any space is ripe for a "product sampling, supermarkets, shops in the street at the train station, some universities, pubs and bars, fairs and festivals, where there are crowds of people, wherever more appropriate for the brand. Where the target of the product is, where we find our audience, there is performed the sampling strategy. Just as there are no limits of place to go to do sampling, any product or service I can offer a face to face with the customer. From packaged goods to fresh produce, field marketing companies specializing in offer solutions for all types of product.