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GLORY GinaLisa

Audience favorite from Germany’s next Topmodel is new face of browser games Berlin, February 01, 2011 – was 2 GLORY, the complex strategy success in the WW2-setting of the Berlin publishers just A game, increasing his troops: now playing Commander-in-Chief Gina-Lisa fresh recruits and seasoned commanders and weak excuses can apply more. “Not only with their exterior is the new face of was to convince 2 GLORY: model Gina-Lisa Lohfink was in 2008 by Heidi Klum’s TV casting show Germany BBs next top model” announced a broad public. It was followed by television appearances as actress and presenter, as well as cover for glossy magazines like Playboy and FHM. Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 for just A game represented 24 now 2 GLORY was the browser game and characterizes the marketing campaign advertising Ambassador. Posing at the forefront Gina Lisa for the elaborately produced 2 GLORY calendar was in the 1940s pin up style. She will also take over the sponsorship of the game’s own photo community. In was 2 GLORY is not only military but also diplomatic skill to prove as an occupied city.

The player coordinates the areas of city management, research, production, and formed his own, strong army to defeat the enemy. With more than 40 historical weapons from the second world war, an innovative combat system, as well as battles on land and sea, the game also boasts sophisticated graphic. Who is Gina-Lisa’s maneuvering on the virtual battlefield can be, can register now for free at and apply as a new recruit. Just A game GmbH: Just A game GmbH is a global publisher of computer and video games based in Berlin. The undertakings belonging to the Bob Mobile AG is composed of a highly motivated team with extensive industry experience and focuses on marketing and direct end customer distribution of multiplayer and social games for Internet and mobile, as well as on the B-2-B distribution of online games, as well as high-quality publications for next-generation consoles and PC.

Thus, just A game GmbH covers not only the entire Claviature of interactive entertainment, but KG relies also on a strong, global partner network and a strategic distribution agreement with Covus GmbH & co., which operates with of one of the leading German online games portals. For more information about just A game GmbH and the current publications, see. About Bob Mobile AG: Bob Mobile AG is a dynamic holding in the field of mobile value added services headquartered in Straelen. As a leading marketer of mobile and interactive services, the company through your subsidiary companies in various European markets has built up a direct sales to end customers and therefore has a technical reach of currently almost 200 million mobile phone users. In addition, Bob Mobile develops trend-setting mobile content and concepts group. Bob Mobile is a specialist in marketing its products via TV and the Internet and works closely with leading television broadcasters and Internet networks. Bob mobile group opts for phones profitable growth through expansion into new countries, as well as through active product and service development for both traditional and new multimedia.

Business Tips

All we looked for to balance the balance of our income and debits, definitively the word crisis, but that to get depressed to us; it must invite to look for better conditions to us of life, sounds well, no? , the truth is that we must work hard, to secure our dreams, by but great that are these, is why exist different forms to be able to generate income extra, either Making money in Internet or with some business that we are gliding. It is important to know that for all beginning of any business, it is the turn that was; before to know with whichever budget we counted, if he is profitable or no, etc; we must question we ourself, WHO, WHERE, LIKE and WHICH DELAYS OF HIM, before beginning drag the pencil and to make accounts. If we want that our business works and lasts with time, we must have the strategy and necessary vision so that this happens. THAT; this is one of it important questions but, since it depends much than we want to do; that is to say; the knowledge of the matter or the business in which we want to penetrate, we must be totally convinced that that one is going away to put; it would work, mainly by the knowledge that is had, the experience in these cases is fundamental. WHERE; once we know that one goes away to to cook we have to do the strategies with which we are going to begin since they are important base so that the business works and lasts, within which, but recommended: To locate the zone where it is desired to start the business, not necessarily must be the zone where it is lived. To make a brief area reconnaissance where it is wanted to place. (competition, zone journeyed by clerks, schools, etc) Of preference, to make a survey in the zone, to know its opinion with respect to the turn the business LIKE; to analyze the costs of the service that is going away to offer (coffee-Internet; bookstores, etc.) everything depends on the country where cheers, it can be that cheers in a big city, or a countryside or a small town, but the important thing of this is to put an important dose of imagination, creativity and persistence to him.

Star Trek Online Credits Guide

Publication of the unofficial Star Trek Online credits Guide from killer guides just in time for the release of Star Trek Online from the home of Cryptic Studios brings also killer guides, a publisher of Spieleguides with years of experience, his unofficial guides to this game on the market. One of the first guides, which will be published as part of the great Star Trek Online Guide package is the Star Trek Online credits Guide, which is available in the online shop of killer guides. Star Trek Online is one of the first MMORPGs, coming out in 2010. Because it is built in a unique way on the popular television series, the game Star Trek has attracted the attention of a huge audience, and since the first stages of game development. This online game, that will require a lot of dexterity of the players, is very close to the original films. Players will assume command on their own ships and take command of your bridge officers. Apart from the maneuvering of ships through space and the space battles, Players get the opportunity to fight for ground missions on the planet.

Just like with all other MMORPGs, money plays an important role here and is of fundamental importance if you want to ascend the ranks of Ensign to Admiral. The STO credits guide offers strategies on the subject of all fans of STO effective increase in income and gives recommendations for the intelligent investment of finances. The guide provides the players with information about credits, prestige and how you can get the most from other resources that are related to the currency in the game. To do justice to the character of the films, Star Trek Online economy developed from a multi currency system. Although this leads to a demanding market in the game, it can prove to be for the one or the other players as too complex.

Due to the great experience that could accumulate over many years on the game guide market killer guides are your unofficial Star Trek Online credits Guide and the STO guide package by wont high quality. In addition, they offer more STO guides, like for example a strategy guide, and a boat Guide, offered in the online shop. Killer guides sells high-quality Spieleguides for the whole community of online gamers. Their guides range of most popular MMORPGs such as WoW, Aion, FFXI, and HdR online by special classes guides to PvP guides, gold guides and strategy guides for over 20. N. cross