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The Cubans Are Still Talented Composers

The great talent of the Cuban composers has demonstrated that throughout the history of Cuban music many have come to compose lyrics and melodies that have become milestones within the Universal discography. The talent of Jose Antonio Mendez, Cesar Portillo de la Luz, Ernesto Lecuona, Adolfo Guzman, and other composers have high Cuban music to stellar levels, and many singers of the world, have put their voice and their own versions a talented Cuban compositions. If we make a tour of the Cuban songs, famous singers like Cristina Aguilera, Luis Miguel, Sarita Montiel, Naight King Kole, and others have demonstrated that music has no boundaries. But that has happened with songs written for festivals that have allowed to recognize the prestige, talent, harmony, and beauty of the Cuban compositions at all times of the development of the Cuban culture. Beautiful themes as: beside my rifle my son; Tune and feeling for a Walker; Amar y Vivir; You know Venice, my body is torn, etc.; they have been interpreted by a few re singers, and only left their original versions made for the Festival of musical composition Guzman; the O.T.I., and other festivals of composition.

It would be good to return to many of these issues with newer versions, by young singers who are today in the taste of many young Cubans, to follow up on our culture. Emotions that bring us always festivals as: Guzman, have allowed us to enjoy talented compositions and interpretations of the quality of the Cuban super star artists: Rosita Fornes in theme: comedian, of a consecrated and Supreme singer’s very Cuban themes: Omara Portuondo: beside my rifle my son and others enshrined, and bright interpreters cubanas which have given the best of his art to Cuba as they are: Beatriz – the musicalisima Marquez, Sara Gonzalez the vedette of the nueva trova – Kiki Corona and many more. All Cuban composers sometime have allowed that the name of Cuba, is placed well in high. For this reason, remember them all, it allows us to distinguish that in art music, it allows us to improve our conditions of human life, to improve our moods. We hope that new ideas will always arise, young people expect new compositions, and new interpretations of old themes, and new topics, because within the Cuban culture, music is an Ambassador of the best that happens in the country.