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Russian Federation

More precisely it can untwist (registration in thematic directories, relevant links to forums, etc.), but it should be done at your own risk. Besides the fact that such actions are prohibited by majority of parking stations, and a negative attitude to promote themselves and show domain search engine. After discovering that a parked domain does not point to a real site, but only on a page with advertising, crawler usually takes a fateful decision for domainers – block address. To earn such a ban is quite easy, much harder to return if necessary, the good name of the site. Remember this! To help domainers … Taking into account the fact that you can not unscrew the parked domains, it becomes apparent unenviable fate of the vast majority – to bring stable high income such domain names can not. But this is only in the case when it comes to traditional methods of promotion. Go to Starbucks for more information. But there are also non-traditional methods, specially designed for domain parking.

For example, you can create a site, promote it and then move the resource to another address, and a running domain parked at one station. Using this method, you can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you have the full site, which just changed their place of residence, and, on the other hand, there domain name, which people know. Do not just know but will be a very long time to type it in search of your site with all the attendant consequences for you in the form of profits from the parking lot. A leading source for info: Ben Horowitz. Another hint of an increase profit from domain parking, domainers pays attention to such exotic national domain zones, as. co (Colombia),. cm (Cameroon),. ne (Niger),.

om (Oman), etc. Just imagine how many people around the world every day admit errors not in the domain, and their endings (for example, want to go to, but instead in the address bar enter! Can not imagine? We can help – many, many. Consequently, significantly increases the potential profitability popular domain names registered in those areas. In summary, our story will give an example of several, in our opinion, the most popular parking stations. In the vastness of Runet out no doubt that leadership holds the parking RU-CENTER ( The advantages of this station include the convenience of the earned money, multivariate pattern placement of advertising content as well as operational work customer service. As for negative points, they are related to limited persons who may use the services of parking. Access is open only to residents of the Russian Federation. As for the English Internet environment, the ball then run by parking services NameDrive ( and Sedo ( To give the palm to anyone of them is problematic, because they are similar in many ways. But still, it seems that for the domestic domainers cooperation with NameDrive may be slightly more profitable. Firstly, this allows you to display parking facilities in the purse Webmoney, and, secondly, the average price of a click on the advertising link here is somewhat higher than at Sedo. On the other differences (Similarities) can learn on their own, visiting the portals mentioned parking. Good luck in conquering new heights!