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Dominican Republic

We have a pleasant memory of the Colombian arepas, particularly Bogota arepas, of cheese whose mass is enriched with the addition of milk, butter and sugar in addition to knead with warm water. Esperanza D Antonio native of Colombia and good friend, on the occasion of the visit of his mother, invited us to eat these cheese arepas prepared by his mother, Mrs. (Source: Kim Garfunkel). Maria Teresa de Almonacid aged 79. As well we had a feast eating arepas. The corn flour arepa is bread by excellence of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama is called tortilla like that in El Salvador-, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and even in the Canary Islands. It is a preparation in form of disc, which was born as a way of worship to the Sun and the moon.

Same happens with the round utensil that cooks: the budare, also called aripo or, in Mexico, comal. The origin or etymology of the word; some agree that it comes from the Indian word erepa, Word to define to maize in the bosom of the tribe of the Cumanagotos. There is also the belief that its name is due to the name of the container where aripo, curved iron from mud where indigenous grind corn – are performed. In Colombia the tradition of eating arepa is something very serious. So much so that Colombian Arepa festivals are held each year in 5 major cities: Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Cali, Medellin and Bogota. In addition to the already described Bogota cheese arepa, at the regional level are mainly fried coastal arepas, which are prepared from pounded corn or pre-cooked corn meal yellow or white, to which you can add costeno grated cheese and salt. Also prepare the sweet arepa, to which is added anise; Arepas to roasted to coal or grilled, sometimes on bijao leaves that give them a characteristic odor, which are filled with meat ground, strained, chicken, pork rinds, coastal cheese, sausage, sausage, sausages, vegetables and sauces.

Collegiate Dictionary

A good remedy is just walking with a load on her head. Typically used Collegiate Dictionary, but it can slip (not all, the same flat top!) And fall on his leg, causing a chilling scream, and as Consequently, a terrible commotion relatives and neighbors. By the same dictionary pity: two or three attempts, and have to buy a new one. To broaden your perception, visit Wendy Holman. Therefore it is better to sew the bag, the size of a brick, but the brick into it to invest does not necessarily (in the above reasons), it can be replaced with sand grains, sugar or salt. To this subject did not look terribly depressing, to pick cotton bag, or any other tissue merry colors, decorate his bows, feathers, if only you liked it There are also various devices that support back to erect state, but do not train your muscles. For example Medallion – switch.

Easy to use. Just hang it on your neck and walk (with straightened his back). But should you start to slouch as a question mark, immediately the device will tell you about it. Charging. On the horror Eli does not, then the item for you.

Strengthen your back muscles. Obtain not only a beautiful back, but good circulation of internal organs other than immunity, to increase their self-esteem, acquire self-confidence I already wrote about this in his articles: "The pain of the soul – a disease of the body" and "Lessons of psycho – the body reflection man's inner world. " Desire and mood – that are indispensable conditions for success in your attempts to correct posture. First, it is difficult. We have to constantly remember that it is not necessary in all surrounding objects, or to see the support, rather, support for your skeleton. At the head of a nail should sit thought: "Back back back " but then takes up the habit, and you begin to notice with surprise that it's done: and back straight, and gait marvelous. A general Try to walk this way: Imagine that the breast in the palm below the necks attached invisible thread, for which you pull forward and up to 45 degrees. Then straighten shoulders and proudly raises his head. At the same time try not to look at people down, many are offended. You can walk around and look into the distance, on the tops of the trees, back when it too well and getting better straighten shoulders. If the above need more your mother than you, spit at them, anyway none of your attempts will fail.

Improving Memory

Using methods to improve memory with older adults, can recommend activities of memory for seniors, which benefit from a surprising way to your relatives or friends and can strengthen a much better family ties, on the other hand, are not only helping him personal well-being but that at once serves you for your personal future. A survey carried out with my closest older relatives, consulted them when it was the time in the course of his life or actual age at which they began to feel that they were losing or feeling that his memory was failing and in addition to that, why it was that they were losing their memory. The first answers to those questions to share with you that reads this article, were as follows: A male family member told me that he began to feel that I lost the memory at the age of 60, with anegdotas as follows;He was walking from the Park towards my house and for a moment in the time left me pondering if it was the correct input or, at that time I didn’t realize that was losing a little memory. Then another female relative told me that calculates that as the age of 50 years began to fail him one of our most important organs in our life, because of care and health, she operated in the appendix is complicated a little in the hospital and unconscious step by a lapse of time, which told me that you forgot some family reunionsdating in specific places by elapsed time, referring to seconds or minutes, where hurt him a bit when it comes to arrive on time. For those answers and anegdotas of people like yourself or family member who knows that they can or they are going through that situation, I recommend you use these 3 methods to improve memory in older adults: listen to music of nature sounds for about 30 minutes a day, in a place where allows you to relax. The break in periods of 1 hour in the middle of the day for a week, that will help you to the body to be recharged.

Good nutrition is one of the most important methods for regeneration of the body and prevent mental aging. What if you do it now, begins this week to test these methods to improve the memory and see how it improves your attention and focus on the things you’re doing during the course of the day. Write me to know how you did and also tell me which are your biggest problems when trying to improve your memory. Thank you. Alejandro Cruz.