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Who loves poetry, will like this book who loves poetry, this book is like Michael Dunkel has described in the first two books, “The hell cooked Tunisian” and ‘The trip to the blue’ his exciting experiences abroad. Be poetry book”presents the two faces of the moon a wide reflection on our social lives with personal focus love and feeling that are inseparable from the life of the poet Michael Dunkel. Frequently Caterpillar has said that publicly. His poems make a pleasure the partly humorous and critical reflective type and automatically you find yourself drawn into it in his thoughts. This booklet you indulge yourself or makes it his best friends as a gift. The two faces of the Moon ISBN: 3-939478-008 and 9-78-3-939478-00-3 author: Michael Dunkel Publisher: Publisher core, Bayreuth 1 Edition / March 2006 / Softcover / 72 pages language: German price: 10,00 EUR sample declaration of love I look in your eyes and drown in these lakes, which abruptly to drown my words to you and let so, misunderstand me. You speak to me hip does not get to my mind, however, only the sound of your voice makes space and gains upper hand.

Accidentally touching my arm and the cigarette before fix I held previously confident seconds happiness slipping away from me. I talk simple and must not show that you confuse me. For you I need teacher and mentor his everything else was clearly to the crack. You know me but you don’t want to see it, I could go the rest of my life with you. I call me back into the reality is between you and me forever. Publisher core, Bayreuth, 13.01.2011