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Oncoming Traffic

A typical mistake of beginners is that novice drivers are too close to parked to the overtaken vehicle. Needs some minimum the distance for acceleration and a better view of the road section, which, in fact, to overtake. By the way, from the perspective of the same, elementary physics, aerodynamic air flow vperediiduschego large car (most just a big truck or van) can simply drag the car has less mass under it. Standard overtaking pass on a fairly simple scheme. Assessing the situation, seeing ahead of free space, turn left turning signal, go to the III transmission, tuned into the oncoming lane and begin to disperse. Do not include "turn signal" in advance not to introduce confusion into the other traffic participants.

But, being on the counter Do not turn off the strip has included a signal to the oncoming lane with cars know at what period you are overtaking. As they passed the overtaken vehicle safely turn off the light, thereby marking the completion of maneuver. In fact, if you see that the oncoming traffic appeared machine, immediately inhibited and return to his place (which is why overtaking is recommended for transfer III – the effect of inhibition optimal). As there is another overtaking maneuver, taking place faster and apply on routes with heavy workload. However, this option is overtaking is practiced only by experienced drivers, behind which more than one year practice. When you see what lies ahead will be a "window" begins to approach him on their front page. Ben Horowitz has much to offer in this field. Necessary because all the calculate to go to the oncoming traffic lane when the oncoming traffic crosses it. Your machine at this time should be almost behind him.

After this sharp move out into oncoming traffic, and immediately back. From the outside it looks more like a detour of an obstacle, but, despite its simplicity, the technique very effective. Remember, the main danger is passing away into the oncoming lane. Try to make this point as quickly as possible. Consider the second situation – when you overtake. First of all, do not try to at the same time go slower, or vice versa, quickly. Thereby you can "confuse" the driver performing overtaking. When you see the oncoming car, walk in the situation. If you outrunning vehicles already get ahead, you need to slow down and pull over to the right. Otherwise, just take the right, without abrupt changes of speed. Know that even experienced drivers are not immune from a mere inadvertence. Be vigilant, observe basic safety rules and you will never have trouble on the road. Safe driving – is safety, not only for you but for others.

Forum Motorists. Important Data On Your Machine .

To date, few people remember that the car could have provided an element of luxury. But the banal vehicle who infrequently it may be called. Car for a great many loyal companion and is companion around the car and its difficulties can turn the lives of large numbers of idle and not just individuals. Since the latest cars – is the extent beautiful and attract a creation of engineering human thought, that does not succumb to the attraction just does not happen. Very often, but motorists do not know where to go with their pressing problems.

Previously, garages proved popular destination for communication, there could give advice and to put on the right path for the update and the nuances of driving. At the moment it is absolutely not true. And garages, and people who visit them are not able to get the appropriate environment for communication, if you call yourself a respectable businessman, to the word. This position will save the auto forum. Here is everything, without exception, subjects, issues which appear in the life of motorist. With the proper first steps when you go to a driving school, you will need more competent advice of experienced drivers. You will need to understand in what way they can catch on the exam inspectors, what difficulties are particularly difficult to overcome the beginner, and in general the spirit of society motorists, in which you have in mind to enter. Will be useful to motorists and a forum to someone who chooses a car.

Here you will learn the advantages and shortcomings of the most different models, see testimonials from those who have already purchased this brand. Much easier to pick the car when he was well aware that it is possible to get out. Moreover, you will be able to instantly find out and how to pump their car to the best possible level. This in the car showroom or garage certainly will not tell. In general, the forum of motorists – is primarily an opportunity to speak with the same car enthusiasts just like you personally. There are always will understand and help, as opposed to your wife, who can recommend only a shade or tint auto upholstery seating. In addition, there is possible and have fun reading the funny stories about the road inspectors and trips. Then get and share simmering on broken and cars. All parts are actually able to find vehicle owner reflected on the forum site in sections. Knowledge – is power. Everybody knows about. A knowledge of its cars in the forces not only add strength, but also save lives. Even if you think you are a perfect driver, it is advisable to look at the forum – but what if you do not know any valuable item, which will be needed on the road. The forum portal you in any form are pleased to provide a service.


Batteries – a source of electrical energy required to produce a spark when the engine plant, or in those rare cases, not when your generator does not produce sufficient power. Its principle is simple: Electrical energy is generated by a chemical reaction of two reagents, with the possibility of repeated recharging. When the battery is charged it to sit on the external circuit, while the reaction products recovered starting materials. The new or fully charged battery electrolyte density should be 1.24 g / cm in the summer and 1.28 g / cm in the winter. Do not forget that when the electrolyte level drops, there might be 2 reasons: 1) if the electrolyte is spilled, it is necessary to replenish the electrolyte, 2) if boiled away – it is better to add distilled water. For safety, never allow a strong reduction of the electrolyte in the battery, because under the covers cans accumulate a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen, which is extremely explosive and can be ignited by the slightest spark, and it is dangerous. Nor can we strongly supercool battery, while inside active material of electrodes formed ice crystals, which are squeezing it out of the lattices, and it crumbles at the bottom of the battery.

Also be that the battery is completely discharged. If the battery does not charge for a long time, then to restore its performance will be. Causes a complete discharge may be operating with a faulty electrical (starter, alternator, etc.) or a long parking lot with lights on, tape, etc. To long time not to buy a new battery must be periodically cleaned of its upper surface, grease the pole of the battery with petroleum jelly, pull the wires on the terminals of the battery. The average lifetime for its correct maintenance for 5 years.

Lada Companies

Spare parts good quality trucks – an important component of proper and reliable operation of the truck. Especially when it comes to trucks Ural.Na today companies that sell spare parts to the Urals great variety. How among them choose the right not to overpay and buy a quality product, and not to wait for months until the parts are at your service? Although the number of companies selling spare parts is large, far not all of them have storage facilities for proper storage of spare parts. In addition, these companies do not have a wide range of products. Therefore, when ordering parts from a supplier delivery may take several weeks to several mesyatsev.

pay attention to the specialization of the company. If the organization sells parts for several brands of cars, its variety, for each of the They are usually narrower than those of companies engaged in supplying spare parts for a particular car brand. It is worth noting that the companies involved in the sale of spare parts for the Urals, better have the information and have more experience in matters of selection of spares just to your car. As for the cost of spare parts, you should not dig over the Internet to find the cheapest parts. Companies trading on the suspiciously low prices, deliver products entirely unfit for use. Typically, this spare, spent his time, by cunning brute force , cleaning, etc. given to the presentation.

There are occasions when a car with laid on him by such parts are not rides and miles. Do not forget the conditions in which to work vehicles Urals. Return the money for these parts are unlikely, because the seller of such products is certainly knows that the machine they are not going away. Turning to the claim in such a company, chances are you'll hear something like: "but this company is not here, they closed" or "it's not our parts, you're trying to shove them to us." So, for What to look for in choosing a supplier of spare parts: whether the company has its own warehouses, or simply engaged in a lengthy collection of spare parts for other companies, how do organization has to automobiles Ural – Ural sells only parts, well, can yet another two brands, or sell anything you want – Ural, maz, man, Lada, gazelle, etc., and then it turns out that half of the items nomenclature does not just those that you needed, well, at what price the company sells spare parts – spare parts are cheap, probably not suitable for the operation and fail to return – loss of money and time.