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In 9 of February of 2005 Law 11,101 was promulgated, call of Law of Recovery and Bankruptcy of Companies, with its sprouting it was extinguished figure of the forced agreement and included new rules relative the bankruptcy and two forms to prevent them: the judicial recovery and the extrajudicial one. The Law of Recovery and Bankruptcies, or only LRF, in art. By the same author: Richard Elman. 1 is specifies to determine that only the entrepreneur and the societies entrepreneurs are possible users of this law. On entrepreneur she is the organized natural person or legal who exerts economic activity professionally, already the societies entrepreneurs is that one consisting by two or more people, legal or natural, with the intention to get profits. If art.1 of the LRF is emphatical when determining the possible users of the law, art. 2 is equally emphatical when determining who cannot be using of the law, seno sees: Art.

2o This Law is not applied: I public company and society of mixing economy; II public or private, cooperative institution financial of credit, trust, entity of complementary providence, society operator immediate of assistance to the health, insuring society, legally equalized society of capitalizaton and other entities to the previous ones. The LRF makes use not only on the recovery or the bankruptcy, makes use that before any decreement of bankruptcy, it must before be tried to recoup it, therefore occurring the recovery will be preserved the company, the economic activity and the jobs bred. According to professor Vander Brusso Da Silva: ' ' The judicial recovery is an action that has for objective to make possible the overcoming of the situation of financial economic crisis of the company, in order to allow the maintenance of the producing source, of the employees and of the interests of the creditors, promoting the preservation of the company, its social function and I stimulate it the activity econmica.' ' (IT HISSES, 2005) Two types of recovery of companies exist, the extrajudicial way and the judicial one.

The Misfortune

Much is said of as we must take care of the customer since the moment where this illustrious gentleman – that of illustrious nor of gentleman nothing it has adentra in the commercial establishment, with smile is clearly, with empatia evidently, and consultant at last. While little of speaks or if it writes dictating norms of behavior to the magnificent-customers. And clearly evident that it is necessary attention respect and consideration for our fellow creatures mattering which is not the situation nor of that side is, contanto that has reciprocity. I say reciprocity because any ambiguous relationship would have for intermediary of this reciprocity to lead to gain-earns for waited us. The golden and wise rule that survives has a thousand years more than, said that we must love to the next one as to we ourselves, and has been thus the least for that they had survived to the had chaste extinguishing of this as obsolete one. These almost that extinct they are as the flower of the dandelion that the being blown for the strong wind does not resist and if it loses in the field. They are richnesses of investment in substances and books of training to educate reverse speed-to educate the salesmen in the retail, and the misfortune of not reaching the exploit of alignment in the attendance.

Less fortunate it does not have access and when it has they do not use to advantage because they do not practise the learned one. One knows that all the mornings in some place of Brazil, has a palestrante trying to motivate the ones that do not want motivation to reach objectives that nor are its, from there the failure. I remember that another day a couple came close itself to my table and after me to compliment asked if we were needing a salesman, I affirmed that yes, and I asked of who if it treated they had said what me: For my son I did not hesitate in asking: Vocs already had asked if your son who to work? They had been estupefatos. It is not different when many are come close to ask if we have vacant, and that it even serves of salesman, as if this function was less important or that any one without no preparation could execute it successfully. Century twenty hum asks for capable, efficient professionals, prepared, therefore at least this is the waited one for the customer. What he sees yourself is truth, salesmen who do not vendem, and customers who are tourist in the store for this Brazil, with the false intention to give to one olhadinha Ah! Olhadinha! Olhadinha that prints to many incautos professionals the shortage of days without sales, and to others of bigger scrutiny, more persistent, that make necessary and forceful corporal reading the closing of the sales.