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Joyce Carol Oates

A maximum police suggests that if you want to discover a crime you should track that leave semen or money. Flavored with smoke from a cigarette, the phrase could form part of any of the theses of a fictional detective as Bernie Gunther, created by Philip Kerr in the saga Berlin noir. Events and inspired by real life, fictional beings who are the threads that weave this story, this story, which traces the attraction and the contradictory feelings that this exerts on people. A few tracks under way by two expert writers: Joyce Carol Oates and Luis Magrinya. For American, that recreated the history of Milwaukee in Zombie butcher, this fascination is related with the uncomfortable feeling that such persons are forms of ourselves, wandering ways that have gone horribly wrong. A mystery that would be in that these individuals play our repressed fibers and there is a certain identification is prohibited at least in regards to the fascination for Magrinya, dark Alba collection editor, by the impunity. Source of the news:: the appeal of the bad guys of truth