All persons living in Germany must be mandatory health insurance since 01.01.2009. Who was previously privately insured, gotta get back in the private health insurance. Ben Horowitz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The year 2009 brought a lot of changes, not least in the area of health insurance. Our social care system ensures that everyone here in the Federal Republic always medically – powered and not only in the case of an emergency. But can be supplied only in the long run, if everyone to participate. Precisely for this reason, the legislature called the health insurance in life insurance.

What many still do not know is this obligation for the legally obligatory since 2007 at the start. For all formerly privately insured persons or those who privately sick wanted to make sure the insurance obligation has the 01.2009. Well, it’s not easy to get the required insurance coverage for a large number of “Willing to insurance”. Especially if the credit is not so good. The Result is usually after a hopeful request, the friendly broker has recorded the that a rejection is made by the company.

The reason for this is the fact that the insurance companies basically a Schufaanfrage or Scoringanfrage start. The alternative that is now available is the basic insurance. An insurance protection similar to the statutory health insurance, roughly comparable in performance and just as expensive. Per month 570 be called for this plus the contribution for compulsory insurance, care. At this rate, the private insurance companies need to record the sub-prime customers. Also, no risk surcharges may be imposed here. A rejection is practically impossible. One handicap is just the relatively poor performance compared to the rather high price.

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