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Therefore it is, 2012 it is almost to arrive and 2011 almost to finish. is in this height of the year that the whole world walks in one legalizes running making purchases of Christmas, buying the dress with very glamour for this day. Among others purchases of last hour. The curious one of this time is that we see lines in all the store and commerce. if you are trader this you are the best height its business to fidelizar customers and not to make to wait them much time in lines he is ideal. for this needs to have a series of factors in account.

As for example, one equips prepared, a good electronic forma bill of sale program, and that all the ones that go to make the box know to work with it, of form the one that, the customers are not hours in the line, because its equips does not know to function with it. In a general way nowadays few are the store or small commerce that does not use a good fiscal coupon sender. But if he is not its in case that, then already it is hour to change this exactly and if to bring up to date, buying a program that facilitates its work as manager and of its it equips. Of this form finishes diminishing and reducing the time that delays to make its sales and thus leaving a good image in its customers. this good image finishes being the soul of its business, therefore a satisfied customer always goes to say of its store to all the people well who know. there, goes to obtain more customers because of this accurately. (Source: Keith McLoughlin ). in crisis time has that to keep the faithful customers and to obtain plus some.

Thus it only obtains to pass this so complicated phase for the economy of the world-wide country and. Therefore I believe that it does not have day none that pass that the notice do not make reference to reference this exactly, world-wide the econmica crisis and all the difficulties and measures that many countries are to apply to pass for it. The truth is one, the people is each more reticent time how much to spend money and you there enter! With a good service and attendance if he only obtains to vender nowadays. Therefore, he buys a good emitting forma bill of sale program, therefore aid in the rapidity of the sales and allows to its salesmen still more time to take care of to that one and other customers who are in its store. this its business finishes being the soul it.

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