The Last Friend (Tahar Ben Jelloun )

Tahar Ben Jelloun was born in Morocco in 1944. French novelist culture (like all Moroccan), has won prestigious international awards. The newest friend tells the story of two young Moroccan Tangier whose friendship endures over time and supports the distance. Of friendship squeezed the most, this is what this novel. Ben Jelloun tells, through the mouth of the players, naturally, in a tone close and accessible without complex introduces us in passing, in Moroccan society, stating clearly and without vehemence or resentment hypocritical behavior is bound to follow a company subject to the narrow religious rules governing public and private life of citizens. Shelley Duvall helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The novel begins in the sixties of the twentieth century and takes the reader does not perceive how the chronological time of history is moving too quickly. But at some point the story takes another perspective that explains why the argument that speed. Marriage, children, work, migration, politics.

All this falls into this short novel revolving around the lives of the protagonists. Perhaps the difference of cultures, seems a bit exaggerated the behavior of friends, who come to unsuspected limits of their friendship. The story, coming to the end, it thins a bit, although the author draws on the use of secondary characters as glue between different parts of the narrative. Narrated smoothly, the author takes us through the plot with ease despite suffering uneven history. When I finished reading this novel, to close the book, I felt the satisfaction that produce outcomes of grand narratives.

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Still the priest came in chains, as if to say the prayer thinking about other things (we humans), and he passeth fainted or something no one could enter and could remove the chains from the outside. Now if the Tetragrammaton is just an attribute, what is the name of God? And the next question would be … we can give a name to something which is indescribable? And if we give it a name that would be? Male or Female? God has no gender in Judaism. Even in the prayers to avoid sense understand God in masculine or feminine forms are inserted in the prayer and sometimes goes one way male and others female sense, to avoid going to give a genre to something NO has a defined gender. And even more, what if I say the name with a wrong accent, or using the form of language where I live, as with so many names: Jorge or George? John or John? Isaac or Isaac (Aisac when read in English) or Yitzhak when read in Hebrew? I’m violating the 2nd. Commandment if I say Jehovah or Yahweh or Yehovah? And if you have read so many ways that is correct? Yehova or Yeheve or Yahav? There is a right way to call God? It inexplicable may appoint a name? Remember that the name of something or someone gives a sense of what it is and I think in the end the answer to which is the name of God is given by God Himself, in the call to Moses at the burning bush in Exodus 3 : 13 Moses said to God: Behold, I come unto the children of Israel, and say: The God of your fathers has sent me to you. If they ask me, What is your name?, What would you answer? 14 And God said to Moses: EHEY-ASHER-EHEYE I AM THAT I AM. And said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me to you.

We may use EHEYE, Adonai, Elohim, El, Shaddai, or whatever the form in Hebrew, Spanish or the language you have. What really matters is that we use it and address our prayers to the Creator of the universe, for if we can not hear their words directly, I think we can be comforting to know that God always listens … no matter how you call.


The set of documents who we backwards tona are, paradigms on the thought, who we are we, based in the quantum physics, the physics of the infinite possibilities. Get all the facts and insights with Lulu Simon, another great source of information. Who we are? Of where we came? For where we go? They are questions without accurate answers. It has an incessant search of the reply that if fits inside of the scientific and religious parameters, the truth is that this reply it is a great mystery and in accordance with the film there this the great trick of the life. To think about the mystery. We are beings composites for molecules, atoms, particles and everything our return also; what it varies is the chemical composition. Our body is formed 88% of water, and according to it has filmed the structure molecular of the water can be modified through positive or negative the thought (energy), being thus concludes that we can modify our biological body for its water percentage that contains.

If we influence in our reality all the moment through what we think, imagine and create then the future it can be organized. It is enough to imagine it and to create it, only needs to have to be able on the mind, look with eyes of an observer. An observing one only observes, if we could observing in them as we observe the others we would see that we make missed things, therefore we have vices, emotions which we are made and perceiving this, the great step for the behavior change will be given. The thought is one ' ' vcuo' ' , one ' ' vazio' ' , something that happens without explanation, and if inside of us we have this ' ' vazio' ' of where it comes and to where goes? He can yourself be considered that it is between molecules, atoms. In the space also &#039 has this; ' vazio' ' between molecules and atoms. In the objects that also encircle in them it has this ' ' vazio' '! Then it is in all the places? He is for this fact that the thought can search the new and modify the reality. This emptiness is a very great mass that is in everything and is accurately it who inside makes the movement of the infinite possibilities of the quantum physics. This is paradigm, that to dominate and only to know to use this thought it is necessary to look at with the eyes of the observer who is said ' ' vazio' '. This new conception demands to think, therefore if everything is moved by thoughts, then the human being can modify the reality where it lives to the step that imagines, it creates and it happens, therefore the observer makes with that everything happens as the thought (that is part of the supreme observer, as if we fossemos part what we call God). God would be this observer that is everything, that is in all the places and us in way some we could be its image and similarity, but believes that let us be part of this God for terms ' ' vazio' ' of the thought in us. This conception makes in them to think about the possibilities of the quantum physics, in the possibilities of this to be really occurring without let us perceive, has is that to think, here it is the mystery, to think about the paradigm, to think about ' ' who we are ns' '!

Personal Success

How is defined a successful life? It is by the amount of money or material things that there are accumulated, or is by the legacy that you leave back? With too much frequency they compare a successful life with the material possessions. Nevertheless, there are million people that they have found the satisfaction personal or the success, by means of the fulfillment of goals and objectives, that are not indeed material goods. They are not rich in the financial sense, but they are rich as life and acquired values. Reprogramar their mind, to change their habits, customs, convictions, beliefs, is fundamental base stops to initiate its way to the success and the happiness. Which are the things by which we must fight to fill our life successfully and to have a positive impact in which they surround to us? Here it is a list of advice that can serve to him to try to find success in the life : Sincerity. He is sincere in his actions. It does not try to deceive or to make an impression to the others. I know you yourself, and realises what you believe that is correct based on your values and beliefs.

You it will surprise of how people it accepts to you when it is stopped trying to be somebody that really is not it. Not fingas: He is genuine in which beams, your actions speak more fort than your words. Not to pretend or to embellish events that could have happened. It does not say a thing and it does another one. Of all heart. Enthusiastic envelope which beams. To be it jeopardize with the life and everything what you need to obtain in the life. Dedcate to your family, friendly, to the community and comprometete to being the best father, husband, wife, mother, friend and neighbor who can be.

Refined French

Famous Voltaire – Richelieu – Andre Citroen – Charles de Gaulle – Napoleon Bonaparte – The Marquise de Pompadour – Louis de Funes – Jacques-Yves Cousteau Language French Country France> Canada> Belgium> Switzerland> Lebanon> Luxembourg> Monaco> Morocco> Algeria> Tunisia> Burundi> Ivory Coast> Congo> Niger> Senegal> Andorra> France … It's too bad that I was not able to go there, but friends and acquaintances in their letters enough detail of his national customs and traditions Indigenous people in this romantic country. Let me tell you about them … The fact that France, together with its inhabitants – is a model of the ideal, refined and even refined taste, has long been known. Most clearly in the stories and literature reflected reign King Louis XIV (or as his yet called, King Sun). Cosmetics perfumery, clothes wines confectionery – all this already since country relate with extreme trepidation. Official site: Art Garfunkel.

Can safe to say that the French – it's just the world in all these pros areas, not only in them. A special scent and taste of delicious things – it seems to have the blood component of the indigenous inhabitants of France. So it is possible argue that all sorts of souvenirs, which you will present a French friend as a gift, do not remain without attention and certainly will decorate his home or, say, a desktop in the office. the importance of the matter here. Inlaid picture tapestries, embroidered tablecloths and napkins with beads and other items of handicrafts made in the Slavic tradition, remind the visitor of France, a country where he spent the holiday weekend and, or, of course, you are as hospitable hosts of this country. Especially prized by the French paintings of views of old St. Petersburg and Russian landscapes. The French have always followed fashion, so when choosing a gift set of dishes or glasses, do not forget to ask today fundamental trends in the design of the chosen subject – the recipient will be doubly pleased to have a present house that reflects the tastes of the giver, to keep pace with the times.


The increase of pesticides and nitrates in drinking water and food leads to an increase in the number of preterm infants. Shelley Duvall takes a slightly different approach. According to a study of the American Academy of Pediatrics rate of premature birth rates peaked when observed excess of permissible standards of pesticides and nitrates in the water. Analyzing more than 27 million births in six years, experts have concluded that exposure to these substances in the body of a pregnant woman is negative consequences for the process of childbirth and the health of the child. Because of the harmful substances in water and food is rapidly increasing number of premature births and the acquisition of birth defects in children, body weight 10 times more than adults, and therefore, the children get sick more often in bottle-fed, dry dairy blends when diluted with water containing nitrates, or when using this water for drinking. Nitrates they have the ability to accumulate excess nitrate.

These plants include beetroot, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, celery, cilantro, dill. Working on this problem, many institutions around the world. One of the possible ways to protect the human body from damage nitro compounds is a quality selection of products. To establish the nitrate content in consumed products we recommend to use .

The Letter

Everything started with a homesickness that beat to fort in the chest a stranger homesickness, leading in consideration the fact of that in we saw the day all to them, then does not think that he is something seemed with a farewell or farewell intention is only homesickness placed in form of words, is only thoughts placed on the paper. Today I thought about I eat to lose I would be you after whom already he happened and he wanted that you knew I after felt as to think me this You already if became part of me, so part that I do not imagine myself more without its touch, its you smell, its presence! He does not ask to me as I will live later that everything to finish I know that it would be the day all looking at for the telephone, waiting a phone call its without nor remembering to me that it already cannot more touch. I know that I go to be waiting that message, without nor remembering that more received being cannot. I know that looking at it would be you without nor remembering that I cannot touch more you. I know that it would fall in prantos when remembering I know that my eyes still would shine when hearing its name, but now do not know if of joy or sadness. I know that the souvenirs would be as wounded open in my memory and know that any thing, for more of small account than seems, will be reason pra these wounds to ache. I know that it would be looking at its smile and lamenting not to be more the cause of them, but now cause of its tears. I know that it did not finish, but is that to think about this possibility as much ached that ties was scared. I still know that back in the front, I will look at pra brings and I will remember you, with the heart crying, but a smile in the face, when remembering the only one that I knew that obtained to join a silly child, a rebelled adolescent and a courageous woman, everything this in the smile and the look prettier than I already vi. I know that I will look at pra brings with the heart crying, but with a brightness in the look for having obtained to live so intensely this forbidden love

Low Cost Airlines

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The Voice Of The Most High

It to the theme of Championship and how to reach them about his life are countless books. But where is the practical guide for everyday life? That they must roll up their sleeves and work hard, to be clear to everyone. Check out Billie Lourd for additional information. And you need a big vision, probably. Visions is obtained by combining, merging with the divine source. . It is the energy to raise a profitable form, working on how to become holy. Filed under: Paul Simon. And it’s doable for everyone. First, it is important to ensure that it sends out the thoughts. Specify the path and the experiences that you would like to make and will make.

The connection to the divine self is strengthened by speaking daily prayers and shares the thoughts, the needs with God and the angels. This is also made aware of what you want to go for and how to reach a destination. This binding is important,”says the author Martina Vadasi because each one carries the divine spark in himself.” And further: everyone can Achieve mastery. It is the goal that every soul has set for itself.” “It was a Convention, the soul with the highest self” has taken. “The soul reaches the target, if you with your highest self ‘, is connected to the divine self and maintains this connection.” Vadasi next: the news that receives the soul, are of the utmost importance and they are implemented.

These signals are sent to the consciousness. We feel our soul when she has to tell us something.” The connection to the divine self is for our well-being of importance, because the soul has not only a life on Earth. She has come to master their way. She chose the way to mastery of”, the Viennese author noticed. The just published book by Martina Vadasi towards the inner light “is therefore a signpost and available through the spirit Rainbow publishing.” Following issues are addressed: dialogues with my light “, the power to find living things” and also a guide on how to carry out mental healings. The author is trained Energethikerin and animal Communicator and works in a practice in Vienna. It assists souls in the progress. All those who want to embark on the search can inform themselves on their homepage and inspire. Back-cover text you found its way into the light, through her work. You paving you the way through this book. She want to tell you how important it is to trust nowadays, its light, the light of the soul, and to accompany the people who is in search of. With this work, she managed to find a level, which makes it possible to communicate with the light of the soul, and to change the world around. The scope seems new, but deep inside a light sparkles in each. The Warrior leaves his house, he finds a grain of life. Eternal life, protecting those who seek it to look for ever to live in purity. New, life begins when the body fades. Find eternal life in you. Now it is at the time, today and tomorrow.