Josef Lichtenberg

Customers enjoy faster delivery times the article the French company Mauviel range nearly 1000 references. It is difficult to keep enough inventory in stock. The Josef Lichtenberg shipping from Konigswinter has accepted this challenge and in July 2009 started to expand its stock of these articles again. Wendy Holman gathered all the information. A prerequisite was a good observation of the market in the past few years and additional storage capacity that could be used. In the context of a warehouse extension of Josef Lichtenberg has expanded shipping its inventory of articles of the French boiler manufacturer Mauviel in Konigswinter, Germany ( This was a great challenge, includes the program of this manufacturer to 1000 different articles. The advantage of the special mail order from the Rhineland is years of experience in the trade with the exquisite pots. Now you know exactly which articles increasingly ask customers what time of year and can set up with stock-keeping.

Occasionally it may be still supply bottlenecks – particularly if the production in France can meet the demand not so fast – but this is thankfully becoming rarer thanks to the ingenious storage system. For the Josef Lichtenberg, shipping starts the pre-Christmas period in principle in September. Interested restaurateurs and home cooks use the direct telephone contact then extensively discussed in the various series of articles. Catalogues will be sent and often come up the ladies and gentlemen on the phone even with unconventional care tips, recipes, restaurant tips, and much more. Personal service is taken seriously here really. (

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