Hunting Animals

Today I’m going to cook something so distinctive of our people as Bush meat. Bathrooms leaned on their livelihood in our sierra booting how much could, plant and animal. The cupboards are nurtured with foils of meat marinated and preserved in our good oil. Today our visitors are looking for and appreciating our gastronomy and requesting this delicacy. But you know one thing, the best of everything as you can tell in this entry is the way in which meat arrived in my kitchen.

Do not think that I will lengthen telling how, when, where and who shot it!I wish I live a hunt my Antonio in this field is more vegetable and brings home Stud and niscalo, but the shotgun as not!! Thus this meat is quite scarce in our table, but comes this gem from the hands of my great friend, a gift that she ignores that me for is much appreciated. From my own stuff thanks today prepare deer meat. By the same author: Howard Schultz. The flesh of an animal being very (free in Sierra Morena) asset I have in my kitchen a meat red, high density, low in fat and great taste. Omitting everything happened in animal hunting, and pretty sorry, imagine since this Hunter atalajo is and returned victorious with his piece! Let your imagination and let us focus only on cooking it the first dish venison sauce Kinada first sliced the meat into pieces not too small, removing nerves and we left in plenty of water and with repeated changes, so para que quede it is free of blood, with this meat will prepare two different but equally appetizing dishes. This anger salpimentada and grilled meat. As by its nature is a hard and slightly leathery texture, we must soften. To achieve this we will boil ten minutes under pressure with a glass of beer and thyme.

While we will be frying potatoes to poor with generous olive oil. In another Pan fry some chopped garlic and a large onion after being browned, blend with the Blender without removing the oil, a glass of sweet wine of Kina and a glass of water. Let reduce with a pinch of salt, saffron in strand and one sprig of thyme. The meat is boiled, we season it and we sealed in the iron. EmplatamosG put a little sauce and potatoes. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala understands that this is vital information. The second dish meat in marinade for deer. This is the most traditional way of preparing the meat of monte in bathrooms, can be wild boar or deer prepare the marinade is very easy and fast, it is also very important to do so with a minimum of 24 hours prior to cooking in a source we put 5 or 6 garlic for a kg of meat, one tablespoon each of oregano, a tablespoon (of coffee) paprikaa glass of white wine and salt (of water). Blend with mixer, bathe the meat leaving it inside and put an orange halved. Now we leave minimum 24 hours in the fridge. Before frying we estrujamos orange and withdraw it, put the meat and all the juice from the marinade on the hot oil, and put pressure ten minutes. Well our mothers put it to fire slow hours you would need but need to save energy and time I’m from pressure cooker whenever she can. Ready in half an hour

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