For real lovers of the garden, a garden shed is a must. (tdx) For real lovers of the garden, a garden shed is a must. As a tool shed, it offers storage space for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, garden furniture, or bicycles. Equipped with seating areas, the wooden house in the garden is to the leisure bungalow. You can in any weather with friends and family comfortably sit together or just laze around. There are garden houses in different shapes and price ranges. Well-stocked hardware stores such as OBI offer a wide selection of wooden houses from the log cabin to the tool shed.

Whether with porch or terrace, with or without window, is important to inform themselves before the construction of any building regulations. Typically, no building permit is required for a small wooden house. The exact provisions vary in the States and vary from municipality to municipality. Please contact the respective Directorate. The distance to the neighbouring plot is usually at least three feet. Are the legal Issues resolved, just a beautiful place must be found for the cottage. It should be easy to reach, but something of the House on the sidelines. It can insulate themselves, for example through a hedge for a tranquil atmosphere.

A solid foundation ensures a safe standing position. In a simple shed the surface usually consists of thin bitumen membranes. The slightly larger wooden house should be concrete slab on a more stable. With a little craftsmanship, the Garden House with prefabricated elements can be quickly and easily put together: the floor joists are laid out on a flat, rectangular Foundation, the walls put together and used doors and Windows. A tip: With the water balance in between check whether the wall panels also horizontally sit. Finally be moved the floorboards and the roof with asphalt shingles, for example is covered through the garden. The Garden House is exposed to the weather throughout the year, the quality of materials is particularly important. Types of wood such as spruce, oak and FIR suitable for use in the garden. They are protected by special varnishes and glazes from moisture and pests. In well-stocked hardware stores such as, for example, OBI, there is a wide selection of wood protection products. There is more information around on the garden houses and their mounting on the Internet at. Tanja EST

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