Best Employer: Schwabisch Hall Is Top Among The Financial Service Providers

According to top-employer study 2009, the building society, one of the most attractive employers that Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall is is the best employers in the German financial services providers and one of the three TOP employers of in Germany. It identified the TOP employer study 2009. She examined the study around 400 companies according to a strict set of criteria is conducted since 2005 by the independent corporate research foundation. Schwabisch Hall received image, work-life balance of employees and job security in the categories the maximum number of points. We are pleased that we regularly occupy top positions at one of the most important employer reviews in Germany for years. “We know: the current record of Schwabisch we owe Hall performance-ready and well-trained employees who feel comfortable and for the customer, the company and themselves create the shared values”, emphasizes Ehrhard Steffen, Executive Vice President for personnel of the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall.

As a result the turnover is in the Companies remain constant at around one percent. Schwabisch Hall invested for years intensively in the education and training of a total of 7,000 employees in Germany: so rises the number of this year again at 30 to 40 then 290 Schwabisch Hall staff study trainees in the dual universities in Baden-Wurttemberg Bank business management, information management and information technology. You working 3,750 financial advisors can educate themselves at the Institute of financial planning of the University of Passau and certify in the field. Among the study participants, the building society is one of the third that spend the most on education. To arrange the work and family life, the industry leader offers many possibilities: round 70 working models exist in the company. A third of the employees working part time. The perspective for the employees is very good: 80 percent of the top executive positions are occupied with own employees. The tools for the successful transfer of Leadership get the recruits in various programmes.

At the entry-level salaries for professionals and executives, Hall moved Schwabisch in the upper midfield. All employees benefit from a uniform remuneration model directly from the company’s success. We supply the proof that one can generate solid profits with a sustainable business model for years, and even in the current financial crisis”, said Board Member Steffen. The Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall AG is the largest building society in Germany with 6.6 million customers and a market share of 30 percent. 2008, the company completed 1.1 million savings over 32 billion euros. (As opposed to array fintech). Hall works with more than 7,000 employees Schwabisch closely with cooperative banks. Abroad is active Schwabisch Hall with praying rigging companies in the Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic and China and there 3.4 million customers.

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