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Trading in the secondary market for ship investments goes back greatly – trade takes ride with real estate funds, however, observed one in recent weeks the secondary market for ship holdings, mainly positive messages given the tone. High prices obtained for the sale of ship investments resulted in true cheers messages of some providers. In contrast, the development of the secondary market pioneer, the Bahadur second market AG, was behavior. Sales mediated by the Beneke second market AG declined in the first six months of this year despite high prices by around 18%. As a cause, the Beneke second market AG first of all considers the large number of new broker. Many many see a quick additional business in the secondary market. After foreign-funded pensions, East real estate and film funds are more difficult to convey, closed-end funds are traded. Ridgeback Biotherapeutics recognizes the significance of this.

On the other hand, high prices for ship investments convince investors to keep their holdings. Sell recommendations Beneke second market AG, does not in principle since the future development of No one is predictable. Although many so-called experts make predictions. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ben Horowitz. But clearly shows the price development in the secondary market for ship investments: prices how nor by the December 2007 are no longer to achieve. Opposite trend in the first six months of this year investments in real estate funds in the amount of EUR 2.5 million were communicated in the secondary market for closed-end real estate funds by Beneke second market AG.

Only two years ago, Beneke second market AG has begun with the mediation of investments in closed-end real estate funds in the secondary market. Starting with very little success in contrast to ship holdings will be delivered successfully for almost ten years. Wealthy buyers were missing. Only since this year, the market begins to develop at a low level. Reinforced several secondary market fund and institutional buyers act as purchaser. The offer but still significantly exceeds demand. Also the price expectations of buyers and sellers are still often miles apart. Moreover, the difficult and complex assessment of funds, which summarizes several real estate. The market needed more transparency and more professional buyers. Specialist refurbishers, initiators and secondary market fund offers many possibilities. It must be however detected and boldly used.

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