Without Formulas, Anything Goes

Extensive collection helps statistics learn Hamburg, August 2009. Stats not only economists and mathematicians groan: this subject belongs to the compulsory lectures in many social science and natural science programmes and has often test character. Ensure that the calculation of sampling distributions and probabilities faster by hand, the networking and knowledge platform WiWi-online published a detailed trade publication in PDF format for the first time and free of charge with all major statistical formulas. As a valuable reference tool, the formulary offers statistics”during the basic and main study extensive calculation AIDS. The authors Dr. Rene M. Schroder, CEO of WiWi-Media AG, which operates the WiWi-online portal, and Michael Bottcher present all basic formulas for descriptive statistics and economic statistics and probability theory in it. Further, they treat random variates, theoretical distributions, specialized distribution models Parameter estimation and static tests of hypothesis.

Probability tables for the quick overview also facilitate the study. WiWi-online complements the existing range of his successful economic formula collections with a focus on economics and business administration to a more important publication with statistics. Interested download the formulary free of charge under… Download. uberWiWi-media WiWi media offers different services and services on the subject of Economics and is regarded as a leading link between universities, industry, and academia. Heart is the industry-leading knowledge and networking platform WiWi-online from WiWi media for students of in economics and related disciplines. With over 5,600 professors at over 420 universities in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, Europe, the platform is the only one on economics specialized studies and career guide.

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