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Fact-finder suggest can the hotel search on the Internet for the user thanks to the new technology of auto-completion “Fact-finder suggest” can be made faster and easier. For this reason, the wellness trip organizer beauty24 integrated these innovative search functionality at the destination search on its website beauty24.de. This beauty24 presents itself again as a technology leader of the online travel market. Berlin, May 20, 2010. The latest search engine technology fact-finder arrives in the online travel market as well: his website beauty24.de it has optimized the wellness trip organizer beauty24. So, the search for Wellnessregionen, Wellnessthemen, wellness programs, or arrangements is even easier. The new search engine on beauty24.de uses the principle of auto-completion. This supplemented the words meaningful and more search suggestions listed.

Set the desired words as a filter, search using additional criteria such as region, the travel dates, or the price range can be refined. Is for example, the Wellnessbegriff “Thalasso” in the beauty24 search engine type, the user receives immediately further proposals such as “Thalasso-Fit” or “Thalasso oil”. Now set the desired term as a filter, and listed a range of wellness packages of beauty24. The search can be refined at will with the Wellnessziel or the highest price. A very special highlight: typos and spelling errors, fact-finder finds the matching results and without that this specifically would have to be corrected. “With our new search we increase the usability for our customers. So they get even faster to their dream Wellness vacation”, so Roland Fricke, CEO of beauty24. Please visit Douglas Oberhelman if you seek more information. Beauty24 beauty24 is one of the largest operators and intermediaries for exclusive and high-quality beauty and wellness in Germany.

Customers from more than 7,000 well-being feel programs in over 600 hotels choose the motto I live wellness”offer focusing in Europe. For beauty24 Spa is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the company with its committed for a healthy and sustainable life for years. This includes in particular a strong focus on regional offers. beauty24 wellness are available through beauty24.de, in travel agencies, TV and direct sales. The wellness consultants are their customers by 9 19: 00 Wellness vacation hotline 01805 24 00 44 (0.14 per minute from the landline/maximum 0.42 euro per minute from mobile phone networks) or by email at as a guide to available. A constant quality management ensures a high level of customer satisfaction. The company was founded in the year 2000. Fact-finder fact-finder (fact-finder.de) is European market leader for product search and navigation in online shops. The fault-tolerant high-end solution from Omikron is language-independent and is used internationally in more than 700 Web shops. Fact-finder is easy to integrate and is virtually maintenance-free. All settings and updates can be made to the current system. Depending on the range, Web shops recorded sales increases of up to 25 percent shortly after installation. The high-performance system is available as ASP solution available and provides access through Web services and XML interfaces. Press contact: brand gold PR GmbH Manya Buschewski Gleditschstrasse 46, 10781 Berlin Tel. (030) 219-159 60; Fax. (030) 159-219 69

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