Vladimir Sorokin

Title penetrated even in the ruling authorities in various cities on issues of small-scale retail trade. K Unfortunately, no single model of 'Tonar' does not fit directly to open a mobile cafe – trailers firms need serious retrofitting. But these trailers – the cheapest, they cost 3-4 thousand dollars. The second venture – a Belarusian Plant "Maz-Kupava ', which has offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg (). Several models 'Kupava' can already be used without revision to trade a simple product – such as, for example, grill and shawarma.

Cost similar to a cafe on wheels in five or six thousand dollars. Another leader in the manufacture of trailers, mobile cafe, where you can complete a review of this market – the company 'Avtoholod' (). It makes about 70 different versions cafe on the basis of trailers 'Kupava'. It is necessary to produce 'Avtoholoda' from 5 to 12 thousand dollars. And any equipment trailers equipment for cooking the company does "Business Russia" (). The average cost of a trailer for the organization point of fast food is 10 thousand dollars – at least for a collateral value trailers are available for opening a cafe on franchising.

On your production facility you will need to defer at least 5 thousand dollars. So many are the simplest models with only the grill, which is most often used for making kurgril. According to Vladimir Sorokin, who owns three trailers for trade-grilled chicken, these cafes quickly just pay off – and because of cheapness, and because of the popularity among the lower middle class, the most numerous, at least in the capital category of customers.

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