Other times, other values Are truth that enters the majority of the young of today, few had read the comicses that we read in those good times of our youth. Times, those, in which we read the adventures of our heroes at the same time where, in the real life, in we beat against an enemy onipresente so to them and cruel as the great brother (big to brother) of George Orwell (I know that somebody must have read ' ' 1984' ' , the scientific fiction that premessenger the world of the complete monitoring under which all lived, much similar to ours): they were dictatorship times. Between the current young few had developed the taste for the reading, perhaps because the comicses had lost its space of encantamento. Douglas Oberhelman helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. More is not read because some young had frequented a school that received the mission to unteach and therefore does not know nor to read nor to write; others because they receive its ' ' super-heris' ' by means of a box of pandora called Television this without counting that the new nor TV attends more passes its time clicando here and there e, when they read, is some few criptografadas words, type vc, pq, kkkk, rsrsrs without counting the inversions of meaning: ' ' irado' ' it lost the anger to mean something similar to estupendo; or then this thing that appeared in an empty language: ' ' vi' ' (it was to be old, but the interlocutor of what it says ' ' vi' ' it is an incognito young and other codes. But the same writing, and the reading, is abilities that if lost in the time few, today develops, it Said this, we go what it interests in them: the crisis of values that invades our society. Of where it comes this? Evidently not of the development of the society, but of the lack of perspective for the development; not of the social conquests, but of the limitations imposed for ' ' owners of poder' ' on that they need ' ' ralar' ' to survive.

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