Trabalho Work

The author still affirms that the cited process is come back toward the physical aspects, ambient and psychological of the workstation, that can intervene with the performance of the workers and, consequentemente, to affect the profitability of the companies. In accordance with France (1997, P. 80), Quality of life in the work (QVT) is the set of actions of a company that involve the managemental and technological implantation of improvements and innovations in the work environment. The construction of the quality life in the work occurs from the moment where if it looks at the company and the people as a whole, what we call biopsicossocial approach.

The biopsicossocial positioning represents the distinguishing factor for the accomplishment of diagnosis, campaigns, creation of services and implantation of projects directed toward the preservation and development of the people, during the work in the company. the same author concludes, affirming that: In the context of the work this boarding can be associated with the ethics of the condition human being. This ethical search since the identification, elimination, neutralization or control of occupational risks you observed in the physical environment, standards of work relations, required for each activity, implications ideological politics and, dynamic physical and mental load of the enterprise leadership and the formal power until the meaning of the work in itself, relationship and satisfaction in the work.

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