Tips For Coping With A Disease

All members must collaborate with affection and loyalty in order to cope with the situation well. Examine various forms of lograrlo.1) well known disease – even if a disability is incurable, the knowledge of how to deal with it can minimize their mental and emotional impact. Jonas Samuelson is often quoted as being for or against this. The first step is to get a doctor communicative and helpful, willing to explain everything in detail to them and to the sick. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala gathered all the information. In addition to having trained says the book A Special Child in the Family, the ideal doctor takes into account the entire family.The next step is to ask as many questions as necessary to understand the situation as best as possible. It should be recalled that when you talk to your doctor it is easy to forget by nervousness of issues I wanted to try. For this reason it is useful to carry them written.

In particular, you might want to know the possible course of the disease and treatment, as well as the advisable measures (see text box questions that can make family doctor).Something essential is to well inform the brothers of children’s chronic illness. Since the early days, explain to them what happens should a mother. It is easy to feel displaced from the family circle if they do not understand what is happening.There are families that have useful information with the disease in question detailed explanations often researching in libraries, bookstores or Internet.2) maintain a good quality of vidLa quality of life also covers the ability to love and be loved, engage in pleasurable activities and keep hope. Many patients want to enjoy life to the degree that allow it the ailment and the tratamientoEn effect, a good number of patients retained skills, to greater or lesser degree, allowing them to enjoy life. The characteristics of some ailments do not prevent many continue appreciating the sounds and nice images.

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