Today I will tell you about a diploma, which made recently. But the main thing that got to the end customer. Diploma is called 'Design and methods of recruitment for the technical support of the organization. " This order joined me on April 22. I till April 27 it was necessary to write it in full with all applications, practical information, literature, etc. and sent to the customer. Electrolux does not necessarily agree. If you think this is – a simple task, I will disappoint you: the theme very difficult.

Particularly difficult language. So I ran into a very nontrivial task: to make a difficult job with very non-trivial formulation in a very short time. What could I do? The first variant. I light heart could not refuse. And I have no one condemned. Option Two.

I would strongly contracted and do everything exactly on time. Of course, despite the fact that the client doubts, I went to work and did everything at the highest level. In that sense, I wrote the hard work with a complex formulation of fast and professional language (which is needed in this paper). The result: I doubt the customer in the shortest possible time – 5 days – got a diploma. As a result, it is no longer any problem under the name needed a diploma. He decided, with my help this problem once and for all.

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