The Works

If the result was -3, and I placed + 3, it I fixed. Nor in the works I gave account to make right! But in the end of the bimaster, it was note six there! I age a pupil maltrapilho, sufficiently poor, however did not annoy it in the lessons. Perhaps he was this, I do not know. He very disciplines it account in the decision of the professor. I only know that in the mathematics of it, in its account, it calculated that I could give resulted positive in the future, it bet in the zero to the square, bet in the void set that I age. through that look appeared an educator.

I was mathematics professor. During my period in this position, I looked for to light the extinguished light bulbs of diverse stopped pupils. One of these, was Edlene, pupil of 5 series. It never obtained to understand the substance, then, I tried all the ways it to surpass. Helped I it in the works, this I facilitated, however it also stopped in others disciplines. Result: it disapproved. In the following year I did not want to give lesson for it, I thought: ' ' I wait that the Edlene is not mine aluna' '. It was very held, did not lack, she disappointed but me.

The school year started, and there my front, my challenge was the seated Edlene, when saw it me said: ' ' of new Mr.? I hate mathematics! ' '. This age the point that illuminated suddenly me. It did not like mathematics, said this all the time. ' ' I taste, I do not hate, detesto, pra that this, pra that to know this ' '. These were its investigations. I started to give in the mind of it every day, saying that it would have that to change its language in relation to the mathematics.

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